July 2024: Making Wise Choices In An Opportunistic Month

”We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals.” - Stephen Covey, Educator/Author

As we are now fully ablaze in the peak of the Fire Element for 2024, we enter the 3rd and final month of the Summer Season - the Metal Goat month from July 7 to August 6, 2024.

To put July in better perspective, we need to note that this is the checkpoint of the Summer Season, where the collective energy of May/June reach a culmination - either we have made the best of it or alternatively, either wasted (some of) its potential or accumulated more of its lessons - especially in the context of the Fire Element.

Fire - being the key agent of alchemy or transformation - is the element that can create or destroy. Therefore, the main opportunity afforded during the past 2 months is two-fold; opportunities for tangible manifestation or importantly, potential for changed circumstances arising from effort & the transformation process. While the latter opportunity requires not only work, but often the challenging & painful process of enforcing changed mindset, approach or behaviour, it is an incredible opportunity at this time of the year, especially since the Fire Element is overall weak in 2024.

”Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you. It will only burn what you are not.” - Mooji, Spiritual Leader

Indeed, the Yin Metal Goat (Xin Wei) month exemplifies the culmination of these opportunities afforded of the Fire Element. From the outward (obvious) perspective, the “birth” of Xin Metal signifies end-result or product arising from the earth element - the materialisation of the actions & efforts from May/June, especially which involve intelligent creativity, niche skill & refined action.

However, looking at it deeper, the “hidden” pillar accompanying the Metal Goat - being the Yang Fire Horse (Bing Wu) - is not only the purest & strongest of the Fire Element but is also the pillar representing spiritual ascension. With the themes of earthly attachments and karmic looping being obstacles to soul/spiritual ascension, these areas are where we need to be extremely aware of and discerning as July unfolds.

These are the key questions you can post to yourself that will allow you to be wise & discerning in terms of your opportunities, options & choices this month:

In what area(s) of life are we looping in continuous action (trap) that hinder and does not serve our personal or soul growth?

In the process of achieving end-results, projects or success points (whatever these may be for you), is this stream serving your needs/requirements of soul or are they accumulating for the sake of increase, egoistic achievements or simply greed?

Most importantly, remember that the Fire Element is here to support you - not so much in the opportunity to create (even though it is opportune) - but to destroy, change and then to re-create (TRANSFORM) any new mindset, behaviour or interpersonal dynamic. It is a month of ACTION but you, yourself, hold the power to ultimately make the right decisions & then follow-through with the required actions.

[As a reminder - one of the key overall themes of 2024 is the maximisation of both Yang energy (outward, expanding energy) and Yin energy (inner-work, self-transformation) to harness the best of this Yang Wood Dragon (Jia Chen) Year.]

In terms of other astrological/cosmic support, we have the New Moon on July 5/6 flowing beautifully the transition into the Metal Goat (starting July 7) and more significantly, the powerful Full Moon of July 20/21. This important juncture at the middle of the Metal Goat month will shine an illuminating light into issues of attachment (hence requiring detachment) or lingering stagnation/restraints that need to be attended to, resolved & released so we can optimistically (and FREELY) move on to the rest of the unfolding Period 9.

With this very-powerful Full Moon on July 20/21 leading into the 24 Solar Term of “Greater Heat” from July 22 onwards, this theme is significant as it will represent a challenging test of release/detachment amidst the peaking of the Fire Element, before the cooling period leading into the Autumn Season, lasting into the next several months.

Awareness is key especially in relation to the precious Fire Element that is strong only in season but weak overall in 2024. Be disciplined, be strong and be wilful to make full use of this timing especially for any key area of life requiring urgent transformation & urgent release from any previous trappings or loops holding back your personal soul growth, especially in the treasure of the tremendous potential of Period 9 still to come!

”Decision making is easy when your values are clear.” - Roy Disney, Co-Founder, Walt Disney Co.

June began with the 2nd half of our inaugural The Hidden Power & Magic of the 60 Pillars course and then it was off to magical Nepal & Tibet for the grounding work of The Soul’s Journey Nepal to be held in October. The core team found itself entrenched in this purpose, anchored also by the convergence of the 1st Dragon Departing Day (of Period 9) coinciding with not only the month’s Full Moon, but Summer Solstice 2024 on June 21. It was a magical time indeed at Mount Kailash with the rituals and blessings made especially meaningful for our UNLEASH THE POWER OF WISHES ON DRAGON DEPARTING DAY subscribers.

Although overall it was a very-challenging trip (particularly with the high altitude of Tibet), the magic and the blessings we encountered were so powerful & transformative that we are indeed very excited to explore & develop further opportunities in this sacred land.

Wrapping up June - on return to Malaysia was our special on-ground event: THRIVE INSIDE & OUT - Celebrate the Wellbeing of Body, Mind & Soul held at the KL Wellness City showroom on June 30. We are grateful that this event was able to introduce many new friends & contacts to wellness through sound, physical energy release & empowerment and also via a plethora of readings (tarot, art therapy, Bazi, Tea Leaves, Face & Palm). A big thanks also to regular students/followers/supporters for helping raise and uphold the exciting energy at the event!

July will once again be travel time for the core team. But before that, our first-ever SOUND BATH ON THE WATER will be held on July 6; a unique experience of sound vibration enhanced by water (SOLD OUT) and also our mid-year anchor talk - NAVIGATING PERIOD 9: DYNAMIC GROWTH will be full day online on Saturday, July 13. If you want to be equipped with up-to-date info, advice and tips on how best to navigate the rest of this Wood Dragon Year, please ensure your “seat” at this talk!

On the following day, Sunday July 14 @ 10AM will be our experiential ATMA Bowls meditation session: AWAKEN YOUR SENSES - Play, Explore, Meditate with Crystal Bowls. Don’t miss this opportunity to get hands-on with our alchemy crystal bowls that call-out and appeal to you, while anchoring & attuning your personal energy for the 2nd half of the year. Yes…all this busy-ness before our travels, on top of some personalised corporate & partner-related engagements!

With time moving at warp speed these days, soon it will be time for our signature 3D/2N breakthrough program POWER UP YOUR LIFE to be held from from August 16-18. This is an enhanced programme; so if you’re looking to breakthrough to your next personal best, join us for an eventful experience at beautiful Song Yan (Bukit Tinggi).

Anchor to your heart, cultivate wisdom & take action this July Metal Goat month!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,
Kong Eu