Manifest Your Dreams & Create Abundance

(3-Day/2-Night Retreat) 
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16 - 18 AUG 2024

Uncover Your Inner Greatness!

Join us for a life-changing physical program from August 16th to August 18th, 2024, where we will help you power up your life and manifest your dreams.

Throughout the program, you will learn how to release negative emotions, realign with your true purpose, and reprogram your mindset for success. You will also gain greater clarity and focus on your goals, and learn practical strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving abundance.

Join us for this life-changing physical program, and take the first step towards creating the life you want. Our experienced team of facilitators will guide you through a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and provide you with the tools and techniques you need to achieve lifelong success and fulfillment.

What You Will Learn In This Program:

  • Gain clarity and focus: By releasing negative emotions and realigning with your true purpose, you will gain greater clarity and focus on what you truly want in life
  • Overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs: Learn how to identify and overcome the negative thought patterns that may be holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Develop a growth mindset: Reprogram your mindset to support your goals and aspirations, and cultivate a positive and empowering outlook on life
  • Create space for new opportunities: By releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs, you will create space for new opportunities and positive experiences to come into your life
  • Clarity and focus: With greater clarity and focus, you will be empowered to make more informed decisions that are in alignment with your goals and aspirations
  • Take action towards your goals: By realigning with your true purpose and values, you will be motivated to take action towards your goals and achieve greater success
  • Achieve lifelong fulfillment: By releasing negative emotions, realigning with your true purpose, and reprogramming your mindset, you will be able to achieve greater fulfillment and happiness in all areas of your life
  • And much more...

The Location: Song Yan

This program will be conducted at a physical location. Details of the venue below:

Song Yan
Lot 8423 & 8424 Kampung Bukit Tinggi,
Bukit Tinggi 28750,

Participants will be staying in a quad-sharing room during this program.

The Dates: 16 - 18 August 2024

Start Date: 16th August, 10 AM
End Date: 18th August, 4 PM

Meals Provided

16th Aug - Lunch & Dinner
17th Aug - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
18th Aug - Breakfast & Lunch

Only vegetarian meals are served in this program (no meat is allowed at the venue)

What You Need To Bring:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Loose comfortable clothes
  • At least 2 pieces of white top
  • Bathing suits/ t-shirts or shorts for a wet activity
  • Jacket/sweater (temperature can go as low as 20 degrees Celsius)
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Slippers / Sandals
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Water bottle (to refill water at water stations)

Some Simple Rules At Song Yan 

  • No smoking is allowed as Song Yan is a smoke-free area
  • No cooking in rooms
  • No pets and no outside food are to be brought into the premises

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Accommodation included is based on a quad-sharing basis only.
Date: 16 - 18 Aug 2024

Venue: Song Yan

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This Program Will Be Delivered By
Jessie Lee & ST Team

About Jessie Lee

With over 20 years of diverse experience including an 8-year stint as an instructor under Dato’ Joey Yap and the Mastery Academy, Jessie is now an independent household name in Chinese Metaphysics with a string of A-list clientele including high profile entrepreneurs and top management of global brands, celebrities, royalties and politicians from both the local and international scene.

Taking her skills, accuracy and razor-sharp instincts as lead consultant to the international stage, Jessie has also successfully expanded her reach to Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Going beyond her key objectives of impacting lives through Chinese Metaphysics, Jessie is known to push boundaries and affect change through creativity and innovation when it comes to putting Chinese Metaphysics on the map. In October 2013, Jessie secured a spot in The Malaysia Book of Records for the largest ever Tarot Reading participation, and has been steadily expanding her worldwide presence since.

About Kong Eu

Fully trained in Chinese Metaphysics in subjects like BaZi, Divination and Date Selection, Kong Eu was one of the pioneer batch of consultants / instructors / speakers for Mastery Academy founded by Dato’ Joey Yap & is currently a consultant with Soleil Trinity.

His skills and expertise coupled with his myriad of life & career experiences make Kong Eu the emphatic go-to expert of practical information & useful advice sought during consultations.

Kong Eu's corporate clientele includes Mercedes-Benz, Resorts World Singapore & Genting, Affin Hwang Capital, Dell, Standard Chartered Bank, RHB Bank and Nu You magazine - just to name a few; whereas his personal consultations impact the lives of numerous clients across the world, including those in the US, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia and Singapore.

About Jolston Ng

Jolston embodies a remarkable presence that goes beyond the ordinary. Far more than just a Business Maestro, he seamlessly combines professional acumen with profound sensitivity on a personal level. With an unwavering passion for the world of business and a boundless compassion for people, you'll often find him gracefully orchestrating interactions, genuinely interested in everyone's stories, and meticulously attuned to even the smallest details – which he astonishingly remembers.

Trailblazing the business world by day, and Soleil Trinity’s resident self-development guru at all other times. Jolston is also a Certified NLP Master Coach, a Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner, a Master Hypnotherapist, a Breath Master and a Transformational Life Coach. With over two decades of dynamic experience in media, start-ups, and retail, he weaves together the worlds of professional growth and personal expansion.

However, beneath the titles and accolades, Jolston's true sanctuary lies in the realm of family. While he wears many hats, he's first and foremost a devoted son, husband, and father to two beautiful children. During his precious moments of leisure, you'll find him immersing himself in the tranquillity of nature during hikes or delving deeper into his knowledge of business, finance, psychology, and personal development.

Jolston Ng is not just a life coach; he's your trusted guide on the transformative journey of life, business, and inner discovery.

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