25 SEPT 2022 | 2 PM - 5 PM (GMT+8)

2022 is a powerful astrological year to establish the life that we desire for the 20 years of Period 9.

To enable this rapid manifestation, it is necessary to have our mind, body & spirit aligned. This smooth flow of energy will enable the connection to the powerful energy portals present this year.

Our personal energy system can be understood as an alignment of “energy wheels” - chakras - throughout the body.

How our chakras operate and their state & psychology directly affect the manifestation of the things, goals & life that we truly desire.

In this 3-hour workshop:

  • Understand how your energy chakras function in creation & manifestation
  • Identify chakra imbalances (through Bazi Astrology) that hinder our potential, success & happiness
  • Discover how to realign your overall energy system to release blockages/stagnation & manifest your potential
  • And much more..

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Date: 25 Sept 2022

Time: 2 PM - 5 PM (GMT +8)

Venue: Online (Zoom)

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About Kong Eu

Fully trained in Chinese Metaphysics in subjects like BaZi, Divination and Date Selection, Kong Eu was one of the pioneer batch of consultants / instructors / speakers for Mastery Academy founded by Dato’ Joey Yap & is currently a consultant with Soleil Trinity.

His skills and expertise coupled with his myriad of life & career experiences make Kong Eu the emphatic go-to expert of practical information & useful advice sought during consultations.

Kong Eu's corporate clientele include Mercedes-Benz, Resorts World Singapore & Genting, Affin Hwang Capital, Dell and Nu You magazine - just to name a few; whereas his personal consultations impact the lives of numerous clients across the world, including those in the US, Australia and Singapore.

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