September 2023: Initiating Change For Next Level Growth

”The only constant in life is change.” - Heraclitus, Philosopher

September invites us into the peak introspection period of this year’s Autumn season, particularly boosted by a timely Mercury Retrograde which began on August 23. In addition, we see other key planets (namely Uranus and the “king” activator of Jupiter) also joining the retrograde of other planets which began from the middle of 2023 onwards.

With such powerful introspective energies dominating, this is truly the opportunity to dig really, really deep into the abyss of our psyches for the crucial re-alignment work as we prepare to embrace Period 9.

September is, of course, the “clash” month of the Water Rabbit Year, indicating the month of instability and being the instrumental CHANGE month of the year. As change is indeed the only constant of life; we should grasp this opportunity to urgently initiate the change necessary to break us into a new level of growth - be it in lifestyle, career, personal/ relationship or whatever life aspect.

The month of the Xin (Yin Metal) Rooster - from September 8 to October 7 - is yet another pure qi month of 2023; this month being even “purer” since the Rooster animal sign consists entirely of Xin metal. Overall, Xin metal is representative of ideas & concepts, data & mental energy and at the deeper level, karmic seeds sown & precious lessons of wisdom. Indeed, the pure qi of Xin metal in the entire pillar of the month offers a powerful connection to the cosmos, heavens & universal energies.

Furthermore - just like in the prior Monkey where we had pure qi and other auspicious astrological energies supporting us - this month we are blessed with heavenly energies smoothly assisting any changes or shifts that we are confronting, initiating and decisively pushing through.

Overall, the exacting Xin/Yin Metal present in the month is in harmony with the growth-oriented Yi/Yin Wood being bridged together by the heavenly Gui/Yin Water (both latter elements being present in the Water Rabbit Year). The key to manoeuvring change this month is to flow, adapt & be flexible like the rain, mist or cloud, guided by an intuitive dosage of wisdom.

“Be like water making its way through cracks…If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.” - Bruce Lee

The first half of the Metal Rooster will be a mentally-busy time with analysis of details & how-tos, amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Overall, the month’s energies can help trigger the introspection towards our lifestyle in taking a closer look at the way we use our personal energy daily.

This self-check will then lead the 2nd half of the month where the focus will move towards a deeper assessment and thorough evaluation if what we are doing is indeed focussed towards a larger overall goal, aspiration or purpose. We should aim to be both proactive and productive in this process especially since the month’s backdrop energy (from the majority of planets in their retrograde mode) will provide a foundational anchor; even forcing us to slow-down so we can reconsider things from a deeper and more meaningful perspective.

Working with the evaluative and overall realignment energies is the ideal strategy throughout September. We need to stay consciously aware throughout this month - since any blockage or “slow-down” can cause extreme frustration if we are too caught up with busy-ness, have lost sight track of the bigger picture of our purpose or simply being impatient.

”Sometimes our stop-doing list needs to be bigger than our to-do list.” – Patti Digh, Storyteller/Author/Activist

Besides a corporate breakthrough engagement, the 1st half of August 2023 was dedicated to inner-work programmes as we switched gears into the autumn season. We welcomed the Metal Monkey month with the special on-ground session for the LION’s GATE PORTAL on August 8, working with the once-a-year portal linking our soul purpose to our existence on earth.

The 2nd edition of F.A.T. (Flow, Awareness, Transcendence) BODY MOVEMENT on August 13 was dedicated to initiating the opening of one’s VOCAL energy to unblock energy stagnation, release negative emotions & unlock the exciting potential of vocalisation for successful manifestation. Do join us for the next edition as we continue to emphasise physical body work in energy elevation!

With 2024 fast-approaching, it was time to roll-out the dynamic application of Feng Shui to match the fast & furious energy in the coming 20 years of Period 9. The inaugural edition of UNLEASHING THE DYNAMIC FENG SHUI CODE: Shifting the Paradigm in Period 9 was held August 26-28. Our founder - Jessie Lee - presented a repurposed look at the ancient field of Feng Shui with a fresh perspective to DYNAMICALLY use Feng Shui on-the-move to match the ultra fast-paced energy of Period 9.

In honouring the potency of the Lunar 7th month, our final physical meditation / sound session for 2023 was dedicated to the Human’s Portal - OPENING OF THE HUMAN’S PORTAL: The Blue Sturgeon Supermoon Circle was held on the evening of August 30. A big thanks to all who joined us in-person and online as we worked collectively to “exorcise the inner demons” in our psyches to elevate our soul growth.

With September being such a powerful month for spiritual connection, self-awareness and personal growth, we are pleased to announce TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATHWORK helmed by Breath Master & Transformational Guide Jolston Ng and our founder - Jessie Lee - on Saturday, September 23 @ 8pm. This will be an intense workshop working with the power of your breath to release stress, unlock your potential, and experience deep personal growth for a transformative breathwork journey.

As September will be crucial for initiating & implementing major change and adjustment in our unique personal path forward into 2024. Do join me towards the end of this Metal Rooster month on October 1 for TUNE-UP FOR MAGIC IN PERIOD 9 - as we work towards transformation & “tune-up” our personal energy (through the application of Bazi Astrology, Feng Shui & personal cultivation).

All the best to your breaking free to up-level in September 2023!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu