September 2022: Analyse, Assess & Adjust To Create Your Future

“You forgot that sometimes, fair-value comes from change, and death, and sacrifice. You can’t have everything and give fair-value.” – Seanan McGuire, Author

And just like that, we arrive at the 8th month of the Water Tiger 2022 year.

September 2022 is a unique autumn month, arriving after the clash between the prior Monkey month and Tiger year. Besides energising the “change” theme typical of clashes, August also prolonged fire energy slightly beyond what is usual at this point of the year.

As such, we see a slight delay in the transition to the dominance of the metal element energy usually prominent at this time of the year; stabilising from the end of August and coming into full-force only in September itself. Indeed, there are many “layers” of metal energies that we can dissect in order to better optimise this Rooster month.

From the Chinese Astrology perspective, the Yin Earth Rooster month begins on September 7 (until October 7). From the past few months, we can see the natural cycle of the 5 Elements flow from one element to the next. For September, the Yin Earth sitting on top of Rooster animal sign denotes the completion of the “clearing process” for earth as the metal element of the Rooster firmly establishes itself to push out the remnants of earth produced during the summer months.

In practical terms working with astrology, what is emphasised this month is the natural order of the completion of letting go, starting over and then “re-defining” - all these after the massive changes in the Monkey month. There are numerous astrological aspects that collectively emphasise the energies of new potential & ideas to be built/developed steadily in the near and mid-term.

Interestingly, the overall astrology indicate a drawn-out process (3-6 months) for this raw development potential. The potential for the birth of new ideas, brainstorming & generating options is incredibly vast at the moment so it is an exciting time for those of us who are embarking on new paths along with new visions - as long as we keep level-headed, patient and working towards mid-term goals and objectives.

Anchoring the metallic September energies of evaluation is the Mercury Retrograde - already the phenomenon is typically associated with concepts of review and re-examination. This retrograde occurs over the bulk of the Rooster month from September 10 - October 2, further underlining the need for performing analysis & in-depth assessment.

The mind will be buzzing with new ideas, creative thoughts & questioning. Amidst all of this mental and mind-based energy, we are also confronted with the onslaught of must-dos and day-to-day responsibilities that can be overwhelming at times. In the midst of all this busy-ness, remember to stay grounded & practical (from the timing/scheduling perspective) in terms of whatever new ideas and projects you are developing - especially since it is highly likely these will involve study, assessment & the participation plus input of other parties.

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Henry-David Thoreau, Essayist/Poet/Philosopher

The Full Moon (signifying 2022’s Mid-Autumn Festival as well) on September 10 - occurring as Mercury turns retrograde - will provide a balance of “soft” energies to the precision & “hardness” of the activated metal energy prevalent this month. As such, staying connected to your own ultimate purpose - asking why are you doing what you are doing to achieve your personal long-term goals which reflect your personal values - will be an excellent way to rely on your inner wisdom for guidance. This will help tremendously in working out your immediate tasks, organising your priorities & evaluating options of your mid to long-term goals.

Additionally, the wider umbrella of energy during this Rooster month also involves the budding of new relationships, re-establishing of existing connections or assessing the needs of parties involved in a specific arrangement or relationship - these evaluative and negotiation-related activities will be prevalent this month. The overall astrology of this autumn season also points to a back-and-forth process of evaluation, fine-tuning & discussion with those who are onboard with us with our realigned dreams, visions & goals.

“It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.” – Alan Cohen, Author

August was an amazing month where we spent the 1st half of the month out in the centre of ancient civilisation - EGYPT - anchoring the energies for The Soul’s Journey happening in November. In conjunction with this trip, the special complimentary event - PREPARE TO THRIVE IN PERIOD 9 was livestreamed on August 12, the day of the Full Moon. Much love and thanks to the > 1000 pax from all over the world who joined us LIVE in this truly meaningful and special event!

Due to the incredible opportunities for elevation this year, our founder - Jessie Lee - was so inspired after the midpoint of the year that she decided to offer another round of meaningful self-awareness & breakthrough through THE GRAND CENTURION PORTAL BREAKTHROUGH WORKSHOP - for those who did not have a chance to take prior sessions! This was held on Sunday, August 21.

On the following weekend of August 27-28, our updated Period 9 workshop was held. PERIOD 9: PHOENIX ARISING was specially curated to equip all participants to make in-depth and thorough personal breakthroughs in order to capture the potent opportunities of Period 9 as they unfold particularly for the next 6 years to come.

September once again, yes, will be another month of travels! Having said that, the team will continue to work hard to bring you workshops (and more) to maximise the amazing energy of 2022 and this month of September!

We’re super-excited about our first physical get-together since early 2020! Come mingle with the Soleil Trinity team, consultants and students/supporters at
 GREATNESS GATHERS @ GET TOGETHERS happening on Saturday, September 10 from 3-5pm. Venue will be “The 3 Stooges” @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. There’ll be so many goodies in store - 2 x 10min readings from our Senior Consultants and practicing students (on first-come-first-served basis), lucky draw prizes plus the collective energy of working towards GREATNESS with like-minded souls! This is indeed the month for deeper reflection and self-assessment, so hope to see you!

Speaking of souls, an alternative way to find out your Soul Purpose is via your Tarot Soul Card. Join us for the
TAROT CORE workshop on Saturday, September 24 @ 2pm where our founder (Jessie Lee) will introduce you to a deep look into the set of Soul Cards to understand one’s soul purpose, how to unlock one’s soul potential as well as the life lessons in store for each soul type. This workshop is an excellent way to get started in your journey of the wonderful world of Tarot cards, birth chart readings & divination!

This autumn season is also a powerful time to relook into how your natal programming & experiential conditioning in order to reprogram them to unlock your potential. Energy blockages you may have developed in your “energy wheels” or chakras could have been what’s holding you back. We will unravel these aspects by examining the Bazi Astrology Chart from a different perspective. The work of re-aligning our personal energy system is crucial to ignite our manifestation potential that is so vast in 2022 - so do join me for
REALIGN TO MANIFEST on Sunday, September 25 @ 2pm!

To all Feng Shui enthusiasts - a reminder that our full-day, 6-day
FENG SHUI PRACTITIONER MASTERY PROGRAMME is fast approaching, running from October 8-10 and October 14-16. This will be a comprehensive programme enabling students to work towards become practitioners after the course. Importantly, the syllabus is specially curated drawing on our founder’s vast experience with modern, real-world and successful practical application - so be sure to book your place for this programme held for the first time after many years.

Happy month of self-assessment, reprogramming & developing ideas!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu