October 2023: Last Call To Upgrade For Period 9

”Transformation literally means going beyond your (current) form.” - Wayne Dyer, Author/Motivational Speaker

As we head into the final Gregorian quarter of the year, the Water Rabbit year comes full circle in October. This is the time to be extremely mindful and to put in utmost effort to catch the immense opportunities that the year has been offering us - especially in terms of the future growth and results that we wish to start cultivating towards for the future.

Indeed, the 2023 Water Rabbit is truly invaluable - offering such fertile ingredients for us to productively grow, create and diversify our efforts, especially for the mid to long-term. This basket of growth potential is reflected not only in the Water Rabbit itself, but also by the presence of amazing energy portals & alignments throughout the year, such as the numerous pure qi months we’ve been blessed with.

October 2023 is indeed one of the most powerful months in this 2nd half of the year. While it is not a month of pure qi, October provides us incredibly powerful transformative energies! The October Dog (Xu) month (Oct 8 - Nov 7) is the “transformational cauldron" of the year.

Together with its specialised synergy (6 Harmony Combination) with the Rabbit (Mao), this Dog (Xu) cauldron is not just powerful, but a potent opportunity to transform our lives; any aspect of our mind, body or spirit that needs to shift into higher vibrational gear so that we can better match the higher, faster vibrations of Period 9.

Therefore, the October Water Dog month is really the last opportunity for us to transform some portion of or to overhaul our life, values or mindset so that we can align as much as possible with the electrifying potential that Period 9 can offer. This transformation will help us break out of the rhythm & patterns that have defined our lives so far, and help establish new ones for a refreshed existence.

“We are in hell once we are trapped in Hypnotic Rhythm.” - Napoleon Hill, Self-Help Conglomerate

Period 9 is exciting! Although we have been experiencing Period 9’s energies ever since last year, this is it….we are fast rolling into its official start with the early transition of 2024’s Wood Dragon year by December 2023. Being right at the cusp of Period 9, it is important that we not only align our core values to what is most important and meaningful in the long-term but also redefine the core familial relationships that can support these renewed values.

Blessed as we are, the strong introspection and change energies of September lead magically into the intense transformation cauldron of the October Water Dog month. Whatever that you wish to transform, this will be the month to release, let go or destroy in order to realign for a better fit from 2024 onwards.

As a potent foundation, October will also be powered by 2 eclipses - the 1st of which is all about….transformation, starting anew & reset! The theme of the Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14/15 is to break from the old patterns & relationship dynamics that have kept one floating along (for example, being in a disempowered position trying to please other people), in order to establish a new lifestyle that honours one’s core values and authenticity.

Not only that, we have the heavens to thank for the convergence of even more transformative strength this month! The Partial Lunar Eclipse on October 29 will heighten the awareness of how much we have changed ever since the pandemic, in terms of priority of values and life experience. The majority of us have indeed shifted in mindset & perspective since then - and the energy of this Lunar Eclipse will magnify the clarity of our renewed priorities & desires.

As such, please do take action and implement change this October Water Dog month. Ask yourself - what does not work anymore? How have your priorities changed? How do you envision your life for the coming 20 years? Take bold action to proactively change what needs to so you can quickly establish how you wish to experience a new life. Please don’t waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to power crucial life changes to be as prepared as possible to embrace 2024 - the first official year of the amazingly electrifying Period 9!

”The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Author

Speaking of transformation, with September being such a significant time for self-awareness of change for personal growth, our brand new workshop - TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATHWORK (helmed by Breath Master & Transformational Coach Jolston Ng with our founder, Jessie Lee) - debuted on Friday, September 22. This was a powerful workshop working with the intensity of one’s breath to release stress, negativity and stuck energy, to unlock deeper potential & personal growth. If you missed this, do join our online encore on Saturday, October 15 @ 230pm.

We are also proud of the “soft-launch” of our humble new physical space - Soleil Trinity Studio - that will be dedicated to small workshops and personal healing once it is fully up-and running!

It was the intent of fine-tuning our personal energy in time for Period 9 that led me to curate TUNE-UP FOR MAGIC IN PERIOD 9. This full-day program was held on October 1 with the focus of combing through our Bazi Astrology in retrospect, planning usable Feng Shui for the upcoming months & peppered with personal cultivation reminders to jive with Period 9’s energies.

The rest of October (effectively the 1st half) will be jammed-packed as the core team will be embarking on travel for the coming 2 months. Up next will be the 2nd edition of the SACRED MEN’S CIRCLE on Sunday, October 8 @ 3pm. For this session, I will be focussing on getting our mind, body & spirit ready for Period 9 - so gentlemen, do join me for this physical workshop. Ladies, do extend an invite to the men in your lives!

We are also pleased to announce a bonus workshop specially for October’s Solar Eclipse on Saturday, October 14 @ 9pm for RING OF FIRE - 3RD EYE AWAKENING SOLAR ECLIPSE WORKSHOP where we will work with the transformative power of the eclipse for enhanced clarity & intuition (SOLD OUT at time of this newsletter release).

Don’t forget - the encore, online version of TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATHWORK will be held on Sunday, October 15 @ 230pm. This breathwork is truly powerful & life-transforming so do join us regardless from which part of the world since we have made this an online session.

Meanwhile, preparations of 2024’s Wood Dragon Year are well underway as our founder - Jessie Lee - has been doing her series of FB Live in preparation for 2024/Period 9. Our founder has also released her outlook of the 12 Animal Signs (do watch the replays on her Facebook timeline).

If you’d like a more in-depth analysis of how the 2024 stars affect your personal Bazi chart, do register for the complimentary sessions of DECODING THE SECRETS OF YOUR 12 ANIMALS (ENGLISH) on October 14 @ 2pm and (CANTONESE) on October 15 @ 8pm.

Last but not least, our Signature Annual Astrology talk - ENTER THE DRAGON 2024: AWAKENING PERIOD 9 is now available! For the year’s outlook & to make the best of the year and Period 9 for YOU in terms of Astrology, Feng Shui and Power Dates, do get your tickets for this online event - in ENGLISH on January 6, 2024 and CANTONESE on January 7, 2024.

Do continue to follow closely all our social media pages as we will continue sharing copious information in preparation of Period 9 including during our Soul’s Journey (and beyond!).

All the best to your transformative October 2023!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,
Kong Eu