October 2022: Embracing Inner-Work For Personal Transformation

"The great solution to all human problems is individual inner transformation.” – Vernon Howard, Teacher/Author/Philosopher

With October, we arrive at the last month of “Autumn 2022” - the checkpoint of the season.

It is an incredibly powerful month in a myriad of ways. The 3rd month of every season provides the opportunity to take stock of the preceding two months but with the Yang Metal Dog (Geng Xu), it is a case of healing, transformation & mental reprogramming. The wisest way to work with the month’s energies is to capture the precious opportunity for inner-work and even creation. This results in the chance to birth a new mindset or alter perspective with the wisdom gained from digesting and mastering our personal lessons of life.

While the Dog animal sign can often be associated with complications, frustrations and challenging personal circumstances, it is indeed a “storage” full of potential to be unearthed for wisdom & life transformation. This will be true if we are able to embrace the deeper connotation & ultimate lessons of life’s challenges. It is the wisdom gained by overcoming these lessons that can give rise to new ideas, concepts and the opening up of fresh potential.

Setting the foundational energy to the Metal Dog month is the one-week lead-up to the official start of the month (on 8th October) from around end September. This base layer of energy provides the larger context for which the energies of the Metal Dog operate. This context being the theme of overall major change & transformation that most of us have been undergoing - since early 2021.

The Metal Dog month is indeed the final stage in this powerful 2022 year for personal transformation based on the mastery of key life lessons encountered prior to 2021. Each of us have been guided towards our individual transformation over the past few years; necessary to elevate our soul journey while also allowing for fresh new perspectives, mindset and seeding of new beginnings.

The October Metal Dog month (October 8 - November 6) forms a 3-Harmony Combination with the annual Water Tiger; indirectly activating the fire element. This allows us - especially with awareness, drive & the right action - to draw on the fire element so precious in this late autumn timing of the year. Besides the specifics of what the fire element means to you depending on your personal Bazi Astrology chart, we can all empower ourselves with the qualities of passion, enthusiasm & most importantly, transformation.

This month’s fire energy is not only a welcome boost to keep us going in this colder part of 2022, but also provides the (re)connection to the Grand Centurion Portal - enabling us to tap back into the pathway of soul growth & ascension plus the ensuing manifestation opportunities when our energy vibration are clearer and lighter.

The beginning portion of the Metal Dog month will be illuminated by the Full Moon on October 9 signifying the balance and synergies between our personal agenda and the interests of people involved in our current path - aspects that continue to require clarity and further definition. The continued negotiation & discussion with the people involved in our currently-transforming lives will be overall fruitful this month, especially after the prior analytical Rooster month.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou, Civil Rights Activist/Poet/Memoirist

The potency of the Metal Dog month will be especially heightened in the 2nd half of the month as we approach the Solar Eclipse on October 25. The stars’ configuration on the days leading up to the eclipse are especially supportive for releasing pre-conditioned limitations & opening up of the mind to expedite the unfolding of desired new life paths.

An excellent way to utilise this month’s energies right from the start is to “record-keep” your personal lessons as wisdom gained, transmute negative memories / programming & release all that do not serve your transforming life bringing you towards the future that you wish to create.

The Solar Eclipse itself will be a crucial reset point for major transformation & important new beginnings in key areas of life. Meanwhile, the period in-between until the balancing Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8 will continue to be a contemplative time of reflection and realignment - specifically on the theme of personal values and perspective that have transformed & how these changes are impacting family members and relationship dynamics with partners, colleagues or friends.

“Once you realise you deserve a bright future, letting go of your dark past is the best choice you will ever make.” – Roy T. Bennett, The Light in Your Heart

September was yet another month of travels for us - up to 2/3 of the month! Nevertheless, we were pleased to squeeze in 2 very different short workshops at month’s end. Our founder - Jessie Lee - shared how to find out our individual Soul Purpose via one’s Tarot Soul Card. TAROT: YOUR CORE & YOU was held on Saturday, September 24 where our founder also introduced the set of Soul Cards as a method to unlock one’s soul potential and understand the life lessons in store for each soul type.

Meanwhile, after undergoing deep & contemplative research, yours truly was relieved to finally present REALIGN TO MANIFEST on Sunday, September 25 where I shared my findings of the functioning of the chakras system through analysis of the Bazi chart. Major thanks to those who attended - may your work in re-aligning our personal energy system ignite your full manifestation potential!

As October is the last month in 2022 conducive for personal transformation & learning, we’re excited to present a packed academic calendar. First on our academic agenda for October will be the much-anticipated & revamped 6-day
FENG SHUI PRACTITIONER MASTERY PROGRAMME from October 8-10 and October 14-16. This is a comprehensive programme enabling students to work towards becoming practitioners. Our founder - Jessie Lee - will impart her extensive experience of modern & practical Feng Shui that have produced RESULTS. This is the LAST CALL…do join us!

I’m excited to be bringing you the 2nd edition of
REPROGRAM TO MANIFEST IN PERIOD 9 this year on Saturday October 22 as this is the powerful foundation year of the Grand Centurion Portal. Additionally, there are powerful alignments in the stars around the workshop date (including the eclipses) that will aid in removing pre-conditioned limitations & self-sabotaging behaviour. Take major action & join this full-day workshop to start creating the life that you truly desire !

Last but not least, if you’ve wanted to study an alternative method for personal reading akin to astrology but in a pictorial manner, take note that
TAROT: YOUR PERSONAL BLUEPRINT will be held on October 29-30. This class will consist of complete teachings to enable a full personality, character and life-lessons reading using the TAROT system. Take note that the blueprint layout is plotted through a software chart plotter; students will be allowed limited-time access to this plotter, so see you in class!

Have a blessed Metal Dog month of release, reprogramming & transformation!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu