November 2022: A Look-Back To Manifest Forward

November begins the last portion of the Water Tiger year as we begin “winter season”. In this Yin Metal Boar (Xin Hai) month, the Water Tiger year comes “full circle” where the year looks back at itself…

In terms of Chinese Astrology, The Yin Metal (Xin) appearing this month is akin to extracted metal in its middle stage of processing, following its “birth” from transformation in the prior Metal Dog month. Meanwhile, the monthly Boar (Hai) is the 6-combination animal sign to the annual Tiger (Yin), an indication of the connection of the year looking back at itself this month - for a check-in at the progress over these past 10 months.

“The model of success is not linear. Success is completing the full circle of yourself” – Gloria Steinem, Journalist/Social-Political Activist

Moreover, the Tiger and Boar also interact in what is called a “Destruction”, a sort of mini-clash which denotes changeability, short-term collaboration or instability. This once again, tells us that the month is an opportunity to make changes or refine the ideas, concepts or thoughts that have emerged following the immense transformation throughout October - and particularly rebooted by the Solar Eclipse on October 25.

All these astrological indications re-emphasise the overall greater (and crucial) review period that began in September and which will continue to prevail all the way to early 2023. For many of us, the Water Tiger year has been fast and furious, powered by bold decisions and empowered action towards building not just for the interim, but importantly, for the coming 20 years of Period 9. Alongside the growth and manifestation of plans that we are championing, we should continue to make refinements & adjustments in the remaining months to come.

Together with the old programming, memories & energetic patterns that were incinerated in the transformational month of October is the emergence of new a mindset or perspective - this fresh mental slate in turn allowing birthing news ideas and inspiration. As such, this Metal Boar month is also promising for seeding and conceptualising new ideas, concepts or plans.

“What you think you can do - is your assessment. What you think you cannot do- is your limitation. Assess your limitations first, and then limit your assessments.” – Mahendar Singh Jakhar, Author/Film-Maker

Of special note is the transition into the new Chinese Astrological month over November 7-8 occurring on 2 powerful days blessed by auspicious stars for renewal & growth, anchored by the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8 itself. Therefore, this is the month to articulate & detail-out the deep, meaningful changes that have recently taken place - and with this info, continue shaping of the scaffolding of the type of life that one envisions for the next 20 years.

Working with the current powerful Lunar Cycles will afford increasing awareness and clarity especially the period between the Solar Eclipse of October 25 to the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8. These Lunar energies will burst forth into the start of the Metal Boar month, helping put better perspective to the recent massive changes we have undergone for us to continue to shape the interim path. The anchor will be a more profound realisation, deeper discovery & celebration of one’s true authenticity, leading to a revamped personal value system that energetically vibrates outwards towards the people who are near (and dear) to us.

As we journey through the rest of the Xin Hai month, we will experience increasing optimism from the midpoint (around November 17/18) onwards. The 2nd half of the month will be a wonderfully inspiring time! There will be renewed hope for the future. As the underlying foundational energy is still changeability, this is therefore a good period for exploring options. Instead of committing to grand, new plans, it would be wiser to work on short-term projects or offshoots of a bigger purpose or plan that’s already been established.

While there are opportunities for growth & development overall this month, the astrology indicates that these might prove slow-moving, unstable or lack avenues for immediate follow-through. Therefore, take note of a tendency for impatience or frustration to occur and instead, remember to keep in mind the greater purpose and depth of meaning with your every choice, decision and action this month.

“Serenity of not the conclusion of a soul journey, it is the acceptance of being on a soul journey.” – Lorraine Nilon, Author

October was definitely more of a homebound month in preparation for The Soul’s Journey Egypt trip in November. It was nevertheless a busy time - not just on details to wrap-up this busy year-end but also an early look into the Water Rabbit Year with the release of our
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Meanwhile, the 2nd edition of REPROGRAM TO MANIFEST IN PERIOD 9 this year was held on a special date of October 22 (leading into the Solar Eclipse on October 25). It was exciting indeed to curate this edition of the workshop designed to help remove pre-conditioned limitations & self-sabotaging behaviour and accelerate manifestation.

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Wishing you all the best & promising Metal Boar month of realisations, planning and practical action - all the way from ancient Egypt! Do stay tuned to all our updates & special info via
Jessie Lee’s Facebook Page and Telegram.

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu