May 2024: A Quantum Leap Into The Future

 ”If we hold on to what once defined us, we will miss out on the authentic identity we are being called to.” - Dale Hanson Bourke, Author

The alluring Earth Snake coils in as the 4th month of this powerful Wood Dragon Year, beginning May 5 to June 4, kicking-off the summer season.

We are now at an extremely important cusp, having concluded the deeply potent Earth Dragon month, a major checkpoint for 2024 and wrapping up the spring season.

The previous April Earth Dragon was a pinnacle of immensely deep transformative energy with the Double Dragon convergence inciting assessment & realisations, allowing us the opportunity for incredibly powerful self-healing - aided by other astrological phenomena such as the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8/9 and Mercury Retrograde.

April was a time of acknowledgement of all that we have become so far, and importantly, to make changes, adjustments and realignment to be who we want to be from this moment onwards.

Now entering into the summer season of 2024, we not only start to “fruit" our efforts so far this year (like every annual cycle) but in actuality, we are about to unfold all that we are, all the energy we have amassed & the soul we have evolved into at this beginning phase of Period 9!

This is because the 2024 Wood Dragon itself is a connection to 2029: the year of the Earth Rooster (due to the Heaven & Earth Combination in Chinese Astrology). The Wood Dragon is indeed a bearer of numerous powerful secrets…one of which opens this doorway to 2029 through the Dragon’s Gate!

And thus… the unravelling of the upcoming 5+ years begins with the Earth Snake Month. In Chinese Astrology, the Snake is the “growth” of the Rooster, activating the unfolding of what is to seed, expand and eventually become reality in the Rooster period.

Hence, whatever energy that begins during the Earth Snake month itself will lead to finality in the 2029 Earth Rooster Year. With this knowledge, we should empower ourselves to be in the driver’s seat to take control & steer our own course. Naturally, doing the necessary innerwork will be fundamental as it is through our own efforts at releasing stuck or heavy energy, improve flow and master intention that enables us control.

(To take control of how you wish your life to unfold, do join us ONLINE for YOUR PERIOD 9 QUANTUM LEAP HERE, NOW on the 1st day of the Earth Snake month May 5, 2024).

”In life, the only two things you can control are your effort and attitude.” - S. McNutt, Mindset Coach/Speaker

As a pillar, the Earth Snake itself represents both the energy of Fire producing Earth and as the fire element always comes with earth, it can also be viewed as a pure earth qi pillar. The earth is this case can represent either the initial materialisation of efforts but also alternatively, any manifested blockages, so-called restrictions or attachments that hinder us from progressing forward.

Therefore, our task for this crucial May Earth Snake month is two-fold: to firstly, become aware to release and break-free of any limitations, hang-ups or unwanted energy that is blocking us; and secondly, to be clear and intent of how we wish our life to unfold in the upcoming years leading to 2029 itself.

This is indeed an incredibly powerful month - it is really make it or break it, leaping into the portal of the future. Steer your course & always remember to constantly stay aware so you can realign any disruption to your flow & remove any negativity or potential blockage as early as it arises.

”Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you’re going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus.” - Oprah Winfrey, Celebrity Life Coach

April itself was a full schedule of mastery classes, intense preparation work, workshops and more! In conjunction with the powerful Eclipse, a special practical meditation session with ATMA bowls was held on Sunday, April 7 - ECLIPSE ILLUMINATION - featuring our ATMA BOWLS’ SERIES became fully-subscribed just a day after release. On the next day was our online workshop PORTAL UNLEASHED on April 8, catching the potency of the Eclipse, immediately preceding it.

Up next was our flagship BAZI PRACTITIONER MASTERY PROGRAM on April 13-15 and April 20-22. Held only once a year (by our founder Jessie Lee), this program is designed for everyone (including beginners) to work towards becoming Bazi Practitioners.

Meanwhile, in-line with the realignment energies of April, a special Double Dragon edition of the SACRED MEN’S CIRCLE was held on Saturday, April 20. And closing up April was another one of our flagship training programs - THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING - held on April 27 & 28. The Future of Medicine is indeed here, now…

Meanwhile, the full-day practical session of THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING on May 4 will kick-off our May calendar followed the next day by the important YOUR PERIOD 9 QUANTUM LEAP HERE, NOW workshop on Sunday, May 5.

As we ramp-up towards the elation of our annual break-through retreat programme POWER UP YOUR LIFE (to be held in August 2024), we kick-start the excitement with a special PREVIEW held in the evening of Monday, May 6.

Meanwhile, the highlight of our May calendar will be the unveiling of the MAJOR programme that our founder - Jessie Lee - and the rest of the team have been preparing for this past 1+ years. Finally THE HIDDEN POWER & MAGIC OF 60 JIA ZI will be held on May 25, 26, 27 and June 1,2,3 over 6 days. If you are a Bazi student or practitioner, don’t miss this chance to go extremely deep with the 60 pillars (and multi-dimensional chart reading). Take note that this high-level course will not be repeated until 2028 at the earliest.

And now onwards to May 2024 - remember, steer your own course!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu