May 2023: Realignment For Clarity Of Purpose

“Facing personal truths and purging yourself…require strength, courage, humility, faith…because you are not only changing yourself; you are changing your universe. Your soul is a compass. Change one coordinate in your spiritual compass and you change your entire life’s direction.” - Caroline Myss, Author/Speaker

The Fire Snake month, from May 6 to June 5, is the beginning of the summer season and is set to be a month of transformation and growth. The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on May 5/6 marks the beginning of this month, a powerful energy signature for emotional purging and letting go of old patterns and behaviors that no longer serve us. The eclipse energies will bring about a major detoxification of “mis-wired” early nurturance and upbringing, leading to a redefinition of our personal values at the deepest level.

The Snake represents the Earth Portal, one of the 4 key portals of energy ascension. Therefore, it will be an important time to make any necessary changes to align with our deepest values - shedding old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us and embracing new ones that resonate with our true selves. As a whole, this Fire Snake month - kick-started by the Lunar Eclipse - is thus focussed on shedding of old skin indeed, resulting in personal transformation & rebirth.

In addition to transformation, the 1st half of the Fire Snake month will present opportunities for introspection on unresolved issues and emotions from the past, particularly related to childhood & upbringing. The ideal result of this introspection is a renewed attitude towards family and kinship. We may find ourselves redefining what family means to us and creating new bonds with those who share our values and vision for the future. It will be important to approach these relationships with an open heart and a willingness to let go of any old ones that no longer serve us.

Throughout the 1st half of the Fire Snake month, we can expect to see changes in how we view our relationships with family and those closest to us. We will be called to redefine our values and priorities, and explore new ways of connecting with others. Overall, this introspection, reflection and realignment is majorly supported by the concurrent Mercury Retrograde period that began from the period of the Hybrid Solar Eclipse on April 20, lasting until mid-May.

Besides this, the illumination of the eclipse will bring clarity on the drive of the masculine ego and its required energetic balance with nurturance and overall family/community. This will activate the necessity to temper & balance our masculine and feminine energies, particularly for the individual’s needs & desire within the context of family and community. This involves finding a healthy balance between assertiveness and nurturance, and creating a sense of harmony in our relationships with others.

”When the ego dies, the soul awakens.” – Mahatma Gandhi

The Fire Snake month heralds the beginning of the summer season. This month is particularly significant as it contains pure qi, specifically fire qi. This energy can bring about positive changes, particularly in terms of passion and motivation. Not only that, the pure fire energy of the month will bring clarity and vibrancy, fuelling purpose, desire and transformation.

From a Five Elements perspective, we do see the clash of Yin Water (the Heavenly Stem element of the year) with Yin Fire (the Heavenly Stem of the month). This clash can result in tension and challenges, but it also presents opportunities for growth - be mindful of these energies to channel them in constructive ways.

As we move through the Fire Snake month, fire becomes more vibrant, particularly in the second half of the month. So while on the overall, we see the productive basket of elements of Fire and Water supporting the growth of wood, it quickly turns into a combustion of wood through fire.

Moving into the next months, we need to take note of the vibrancy of the flaming fire, the developing strength of the earth element, and the severely missing water qi. On a positive note, this energy transition supports the concrete manifestation of projects, especially those initiated earlier in the year during February and March. As a guideline, it will be important to be mindful of increasing exuberance that can lead to stubborn-ness if one gets too consumed with one’s aspirations, plans & goals.

”There’s none so blind as those who will not listen. ” – Neil Gaiman, Author/Writer

April was such a deep, powerful month… we dedicated our programmes to life-transforming innerwork, with our 1st physical workshop back on-ground in conjunction with the potent Hybrid Solar Eclipse. RESTORE & REPLENISH: A Transformation In The Dark was held on the night of April 20 to trigger release & fresh starts with information, guided exercises and the highlight of a full-on sound healing session. This workshop was followed by the inaugural THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING, our 2-day online theory and introduction to sound & Tibetan singing bowl on April 22 & 23. For students who were following through with the practical workshop, it was then onwards to Song Yan on May 4!

Wrapping up April 2023 was the online preview of our flagship mastery programme: BAZI PRACTITIONER MASTERY PROGRAM to be held on May 20,21,22 & 27,28,29. Whether you are just starting on your journey or already a seasoned practitioner, this incomparable course will contain expertise, specialised techniques & personal insights delivered by our founder, Jessie Lee!

We’re also truly excited for our POWER UP YOUR LIFE advancement program from May 5-7! Firstly, this will be the 1st time we’re holding a multiple day, physical program and secondly, we’re ecstatic to be able to follow-through beyond the classroom with in-person experiences designed to help you up-level your game! And speaking of on-ground experiences, we’re delighted to bring you TRANSFORMED BY FIRE: The Rise of The Phoenix @ 8pm May 21 Do join us in order to fully capitalise on the special transformative energy of this month towards clarity & advancement.

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All the best being in the driver’s seat of your life this Fire Snake month!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu