May 2022: Developing New Perspectives & Opportunities

You only live when you maximise your potentials…Any short of that is simply a wasted life, an unproductive life and a dead life.” – Dr. Clement Ogedegbe, Author

We continue our journey into the exciting 2022 year with the Wood Snake (Yi Si) month from May 5 - June 5!

April provided the powerful deep-dive of connecting to our higher self in excavating the remnants of “stuck”, stubborn issues that still restrain us from being at our best. This intense month culminated with the powerful Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30/May 1, offering a strong & timely foundation for new starts, perspectives and projects. As such, this reset was a key impetus for new beginnings towards a realigned value system that honours one’s unique talents & personal authenticity - opportunities that we can work on as we move into the Wood Snake month.

Meanwhile, as May kicks-off the summer season, fire energy starts to grow, giving us the forward propulsion to actively get things done - a power boost for more outward progress after the largely introspective month of April. It will be this fire energy that will build into its peak in June/July that will bring out rapid developments for those who are ready. Fire is expansive, exuberant and passionate - qualities that are so welcomed after the past couple of months; and it is this Fire Energy that will work well with the branching-out/exploratory nature of the Yin Wood (Yi) element present.

However, as strong water energies dominate most of this year (except the peak fire months ahead) the covert energies of April’s strong “water portal” will stay anchored in the background - ever ready (with the right triggers) to draw us into an opportunity to “exorcise the psychological demons” still latched in the deep recess of our psyches that prevent us from reaching our potential.  

 Do note that the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 15/16 will be a particular intense timing for these inner “demons” to surface - particularly issues related to long-standing disempowerment and off-balance power dynamics.  So really, keep in mind during these challenging moments that they are truly opportunities for deep inner-work & personal improvement that can only serve you for the best in the long-term.

Hold yourself back or heal yourself back together. You decide.” – Britany Burgunder, Certified Professional Coach

Speaking of review, adding to the list of strong energies for this month will be this season’s occurrence of the astrological phenomenon called “Mercury Retrograde”, lasting approximately from May 10 until the end of the month. This is usually a review period (from the Universe, so to speak) to relook and reexamine some aspects of our lives - this retrograde pertaining to day-to-day communications and details. In summary, it is the specifics of our overall plans, projects and goals that need to be examined and amended accordingly.

Overall, the 2nd half of the Wood Snake (especially from around the Total Lunar Eclipse) will be a busy time with further analysis and adjustments necessary before we hit the clearer path ahead in June. Be open and accepting through all the minor hassles which serve as points of further clarification and alignment that we each personally need to undergo in working towards our exciting, newly-refreshed goals for the year.  

I advise you to say your dream is possible and then overcome all inconveniences, ignore all the hassles and take a running leap through the hoop, even if it is in flames.” – Les Brown, Politician/Motivational Speaker

April was a meaningful time for us at Soleil Trinity! After returning from a retreat in the Kundasang area of Sabah in the first 10 days of the month, it was a period of consultations and planning for ongoing/future activities before our founder - Jessie Lee - got into the intense preparation for our inaugural workshop aimed at working each of us to our BEST for Period 9 - REBUILDING YOUR $ELF-WORTH & WEALTH HACKING SECRETS OF PERIOD 9 on April 23-24. This important workshop with newly-derived plus never-been-shared-before insights on our ultimate personal breakthrough & Period 9 energies, provided each participant with incredibly powerful tools into aligning with the early arrival of Period 9. 

As the self-improvement opportunities are currently abundant with multiple energy portals open, we reinstated the Moon cycle experiential workshops, resuming with the Partial Solar Eclipse workshop @ 9pm on April 30 - FINDING OUR INNER LUMINARY IN THE OPENING OF THE ECLIPSE SEASON (PART 1). If you missed this, you can still participate in the replay which is available to purchase with its Total Lunar Eclipse counterpart FINDING OUR INNER LUMINARY (PART 2) which will be taking place @ 9pm on May 15.

Speaking of opportunities for improvement & knowledge, May will kick-off with TWO beginner-friendly workshops in the 1st weekend. The 1st will be OWN YOUR PERSONAL POWER WITH BAZI (Grand Centurion Portal Edition) that will bring you the Bazi Astrology perspective of the KEY to reaching your maximum potential in these exciting times - PERSONAL POWER. Do join me as we unravel & undo the personal blockages that are still holding you back from being the BEST YOU in this all-levels workshop @ 2pm on Saturday, May 7.

On the next day, join our founder (Jessie Lee) as she brings to you a succinct look at aligning our individual “personal code” with Feng Shui opportunities. This workshop - YOUR PERSONAL FENG SHUI CODE - A Transition Into Period 9 will bring practical tips & info on personal alignment with your home, practical Feng Shui for your immediate usage, the Feng Shui “dos and don’ts” of Period 9 and more!

And if you’ve been looking to be a BAZI PRACTITIONER, we have launched this year’s BAZI PRACTITIONER MASTERY PROGRAM happening from 4, 5, 6 & 11, 12 June. This full 5-days course will cover all theory, technique & guidance to set you on track towards becoming a BAZI PRACTITIONER yourself.

May the Wood Snake month set-up even more incredible things for you in the months to come!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu

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