Mar 2023: Pivoting On Extremes In The Month of Double Rabbit

“With a hint of good judgment, to fear nothing, not failure or suffering or even death, indicates that you value life the most. You live to the extreme; you push limits; you spend your time building legacies.” – Criss Rami, Philosopher/ Creator/ Designer

The 2023 Rabbit Year comes 2-fold in the 2nd month of the Wood Rabbit!

From March 6 - April 4, the Wood Rabbit month will join the Water Rabbit year, creating tension & most likely stress-points throughout the month - but the good news is the resulting opportunity to really stretch one’s potential & grow from it!

Yin Wood energy is tripled as it appears twice in the month and once - of course - also in the year. By its nature, wood energy is self-serving, even though the ability to mutually cooperate & adapt is also the essence of Yin Wood (Yi).

The multiple presence of Yin Wood triggers a strong competitive pressure; from which less-positive feelings such as jealousy or intolerance can arise. This is especially so since the sole water element (present with the annual Rabbit) will likely trigger one’s scarcity mentality, resulting in the fear of needing to fight for limited resource or having to compete for something precious & important.

On the other hand, the very nature of the Rabbit animal sign (and Yin Wood) at the peak of its potential is the concept of being in full-bloom - having maximised its individual capacity and “performing” at its peak ability, no matter what the surrounding circumstances are.

Therefore, in our unique experience & specific context, we have a choice - we can be swept away by our feelings of jealousy and externalise blame; or we can use competitive pressure to literally evaluate if we “measure-up” to the competition or external comparison. If the answer is no, we can then channel the awareness and lessons gained to work on self-improvement and challenge personal growth.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” – Ernest Hemingway, Novelist/ Journalist

The other key aspects to be mindful of this month naturally has their rooting in a couple of less-positive characteristics of Yin Wood. One is the fake-ness (akin to fake flowers) or window-dressing quality of “pretty flowers” or being charmed by external imagery. The other is part of the flexible, survivalist characteristic of Yin Wood - which can result in indecisiveness, fickleness or lack of commitment & allegiance.

While the year (especially enhanced by the month) is very promising in terms of growth, creation and development energy, we really do need to be cautious against being overly aggressive. Do not get carried-away by greed and impatience - this reminder is key, in fact, for this entire year of the Water Rabbit.

Additionally, in our excitement to swiftly get ahead, confusion & frustration could easily set-in with the anticipation for fast results or concrete evidence of progress/success. This energy is also triggered by the Full Moon close to the start of the Wood Rabbit month (on March 7) that brings forth a focus and preoccupation on facts & details.

Therefore, it would be wise to anchor our expectations with a deep-seated TRUST that as long as we are developing with the long-term in sight, we are indeed progressing. It is by staying faithful to our higher selves, remaining patient & grounded with constant awareness to day-to-day triggers that we can balance the strong creation energy of this time of the year in the most productive way possible.

Therefore, in terms of practical progress, the Rabbit month will actually be more suited for the finalisation & fine-tuning of details (for example, SOPs) on the fundamental structure of a revised life we have been shaping since at least 2021 - such as a career switch or business pivot. The energy is supportive for these aspects so make these endeavours a priority this month.

Take note that the month’s energies overall will intensify as we progress through March and into early April. The Spring Equinox on March 20/21 is another celestial phenomenon that will increase the intensity of this double Rabbit month, essentially multiplying the spring/wood energy already so strong to begin with.

”To lose patience is to lose the battle.” – Mahatma Gandhi

February jump-kicked the Water Rabbit Year with a major leap! The month was a whirlwind thanks to the shortened month and the spill-over of the Lunar New Year celebrations at the beginning of the month. Yours truly (Kong Eu) got back into action with Annual Feng Shui talks for RHB & Standard Chartered Banks right at the start of February while our resident consultants resumed numerous corporate and commercial engagements for Tatler magazine, Setia Ecohill/Ecoglades/KLEC/Sky, Aham Capital, KSL etc.

Workshop-wise, our founder - Jessie Lee - presented POWER UP 2023 from February 11-13 with a powerful mixture of Yi Jing & major personal Bazi Astrology breakthrough methods, incorporating practical Feng Shui and Date Selection as well. This intense workshop was followed by the Cantonese version of The Wealth Code the following Saturday, February 18.

The short February month wound-up with a preview of THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING held on the evening of Friday, February 24 - introducing the concept of sound healing and the assortment of tools associated with this important practice. If you would like to join us for the full THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING workshop to be held April 23-24 and master the key fundamentals of Tibetan sound bowl healing, register here.

March will be a month of travels again for the core ST team. However, there are 2 class offerings available for your learning experience:

The 1st is the much-awaited core practitioner course - FACE READING MASTERCLASS - to be held for 3 full days from March 18-20. This masterclass is designed to equip any beginner with the fundamentals and key techniques in the art of Face Reading. If you would like to get the edge on understanding, communicating & managing people better AND get started on building a possible side income, this is the masterclass for you!

If you’re still getting the handle on creating your life the way you envision it, please do join me for MANIFEST YOUR LIFE 2023 on April 1, 2:30 - 5:30pm, where we will examine the methods to tap into the fruitful creation opportunities of this Water Rabbit year. As this workshop requires the prerequisite - REALIGN TO MANIFEST - I am also pleased to bring you the reprise of this workshop on the morning of April 1, 10am - 1pm.

Meanwhile, here’s to a powerful March month of maximising your potential from all of us at Soleil Trinity!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu