June 2024: Trust & Self Belief In A Hot Summer Blaze

We now enter the middle of summer season with the Metal Horse (Geng Wu) month (June 6 - July 6). Last month was an opportune but intense month; while the advent of the Earth Snake (Ji Si) opened up a portal for the coming 5 years, the clarity of which was significantly clouded by the heaviness of the Earth Element - the materialisation of outcomes, reality & delays/stagnation.

Thus, it was a month of intense extremities - desirable outcomes & up-to-date manifestation versus the undesirable or inevitable reality. All in all, the best way forward was to emphasize the clarity of propragating the positive (Yang) while at the same time being decisively proactive about altering negative outcomes, destroying attachments or overturning obstacles (Yin).

This is the best strategy in the lead-up towards maximizing the energy of June. Especially so as the period from end May up to the first few days of June presents a powerful window to connect (through mind power) to the creation & unfolding of the remaining majority of Period 9 - summarising & wrapping up the intense portal of the Earth Snake month.

Carefully & wisely wrapping-up the Ji Si month (by latest, approaching June 5) is crucial because the Metal Horse (Geng Wu) month kicks off with the timely New Moon on June 6, powering new beginnings aligned with the clarity of moving forward after the intense Earth Snake.

”It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen. We must dare to invent the future.” - Thomas Sankara, Former President, Burkina Faso

Fire energy - so crucial to the overall energy of the current Jia Chen year - is sparked and set ablaze with the arrival of the Yang Metal (Geng) sitting atop the Horse, in clashing the Yang Wood (Jia) stem/theme of the year, giving an uplift and importantly, powering the seasonal alchemical fruition & transformation opportunities ablazed by the Fire Element.

”A burning passion coupled with absolute detachment is the key to all success.” - Mahatma Gandhi

With the clash to the theme of the year, you might find that the circumstances, events & overall energy will differ from how it has been since end of 2023 - especially in the first 2 weeks. This is, of course, a bit of a temporary blip; maybe to be taken as a respite or break - but rest assured the energy (and obvious connection to the year) will settle back in by month end.

Therefore, it is important to keep up the faith of one’s goals and trust that the dots will join in due course as the month’s energy could feel distracting; or that consciously we may frustrate ourselves in trying to make sense of things or squeeze them into a mould for convenience of our logical brain.

Trust in your heart that as long as you’ve maintained clarity of your intentions, goals & targets fine-tuned especially in the past few months. Continue to drive them forward even though the current results, progress & circumstances may not be directly apparent in June.

Staying anchored to trust and absolute self-belief is so crucial because June also finds itself blessed with a *powerful* energy pillar at mid-month; the convergence of the 1st Dragon Departing Day (of Period 9) - signifying rising and ascending energy (therefore with a corresponding release of heaviness, attachments & the past) & especially suitable for manifestation. This coincides along with, not only the month’s Full Moon, but also this year’s Summer Solstice on June 21. This makes June 21 a truly powerful day for wishes or requests for blessings with the direct connection to the universe, happening at the peak of the year’s Fire Energy balanced by the watery depths of the Full Moon.

[To request for wishes/blessings (with or without an amulet) on this day in conjunction with the team’s visit to sacred Mount Kailash, please order & fill-in full details here: UNLEASH THE POWER OF WISHES ON DRAGON DEPARTING DAY]

”The trust that we put in ourselves makes us feel trust in others.” - François de La Rochefoucauld, Author/Moralist

The anchor of our May program was the much-anticipated (and twice postponed, as our founder wanted to be as prepared as possible) - The Hidden Power & Magic of 60 Jia Zi held from May 25-27 & June 1-3. Led by our founder - Jessie Lee - this high mastery of Bazi explored & revealed our deepest soul contracts (and how to honour them in our contemporary lives) plus our energy codes & interrelations on *multiple levels*.

June will see the core team visiting the holy lands of Nepal and Tibet in preparation for October's The Soul's Journey Nepal. Do stay tuned to our social media as we bring you updates and special features, including our stop at Mount Kailash on the 1st Dragon Departing Day of Period 9 on June 21!

Next month July will be the time for our mid-year flagship talk presented by our founder- Jessie Lee. NAVIGATING PERIOD 9: DYNAMIC GROWTH will be full day online on Saturday, July 13. Make sure you join us to gain insight for the best path forward for the remainder of 2024, especially as we are navigating this crucial early portion of Period 9.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, our signature 3D/2N breakthrough program POWER UP YOUR LIFE will be from August 16-18. There are only a few places left so do join us for an exhilarating experience to break-through to your next level, amidst the serene landscape of Song Yan (less than an hour away from Kuala Lumpur) to manifest your dreams & create abundance!

Remember, trust and continue to believe throughout the June Metal Horse month!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,
Kong Eu