June 2023: Creating Your Desired Reality

“Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.” - Jim Rohn, Author/Motivational Speaker

We enter into the peak of 2023’s fire cauldron with the Earth Horse month from June 6 to July 6. The Horse is one of the cardinal animal signs, containing fire (and resulting earth) as its main qi & potency of fire energy at its peak. Fundamentally, this Earth Horse month brings forth super-hot flaming fire, signifying a period of intense and dynamic forces; actions and intentions during this time can yield rapid and impactful results.

The fiery nature of this energy points to an incredible transformative potential, where desires and aspirations have the opportunity to manifest almost immediately in the realm of the Earth element - this Earth Horse month is “in reality” a full pillar of pure Earth qi. This potential holds true especially for those of us who have undergone the reflection, adjustments or transformative changes in mindset, traits or strategy from the powerful energies of the past couple of months.

June (and the upcoming July) is a month that provides us the exciting combustion to shape the foundation or structure that we wish to establish in whatever new major endeavours we are developing for the long-term. Alternatively, it is also the ideal time to ripen the fruits of smaller, sub-projects that we have been growing & developing since early 2023.

However, it is crucial to navigate June’s powerful energy with awareness and intention. While the potential for rapid progress and manifestation is present - take particular note about the possibility of falling into a loop of repeated stagnation. This implies that one must be proactive in breaking free from old patterns and limitations in order to fully harness the transformative power available.

Importantly, the quick manifestation can alternatively result in blockages or points of frustration, indicating deep-rooted issues that we have not addressed yet. This can encompass various aspects that have been neglected or put-off such as crucial skill enhancement, neglected inner work or a lack of self-esteem. The energy of the Earth Horse month - illuminated further by the blaze of the Summer Solstice on June 21 - will bring attention to these areas, highlighting the urgent work to be done in order to align with one's desired reality.

”We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” – Oprah Winfrey, Media Guru

Within the context of the year's energy, the annual Water Rabbit actually offers strong (but indirect) support of wood to the month's fire. The monthly Horse interacts with the annual Rabbit in a relationship called Destruction, typically resulting in changes and movement.

It is crucial to note there is a powerful-but-hidden support for the month’s heightened transformation fire, even though tapping into this support will require acute awareness.

The key to this breakthrough is recognizing and addressing any ego-related blockages or limitations. With this awareness, you can proactively manoeuvre any changes or movement to your advantage instead of reacting in ways that unproductively disrupt or break your long-term focus, efforts, or energy flow.

Additionally, the June Earth Horse offers tremendous opportunities for Feng Shui activations due to the pure qi of Earth element, boosted by strong fire. This is also overtly reinforced by the month Flying Star Feng Shui chart duplicating the annual chart. As such, do perform as many as practical Feng Shui activations to capitalise on the monthly energies; just a reminder that any activation should be carefully researched or advised by a Feng Shui professional.

Water element takes a backseat for the rest of summer, as it is evaporated. As such, intuition and wisdom will likely be swept away by an overwhelming, all-consuming energies propelling forward movement, action, and tangible outcomes. Take note of this aggressive tendency so continue to be mindful of over-exuberance & stubborn-ness. Avoid getting too consumed with one’s aspirations, plans & goals. Slow down from time-to-time to focus on more clarity in your mind.

”When we are blinded by our frustration and devastation we become oblivious to the life preserver floating inches away. If we take a minute to think positive, utilise our faith and become proactive…we will then recognise the life preserver which will keep us afloat and help us get to our destination.” – Lindsey Rietzsch, Inventor/Entrepreneur

In summary, the Earth Horse month signifies a period of heightened energy and potential for rapid transformation and manifestation. It calls for an active approach, where awareness, intentional action, and the willingness to break free from old patterns and limitations are paramount. Let go of overly high expectations to tap into the underlying support available. Note and proactively address any blockages or areas of development, so that you can navigate - as soon as possible - this intense energy with targeted purpose to ultimately manifest your desired reality.

May was indeed a potent & powerful month! The first week was an exciting return to on-ground physical workshops, beginning with the practical 1-day session of THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING on May 4 following by our inaugural POWER UP YOUR LIFE advancement program from May 5-7 held at the idyllic Song Yan Resort. A BIG, BIG thanks, love & gratitude for the enthusiasm and all-out energy of the participants, forever impacting all our lives during these 3-days and 2-nights!

The schedule of on-ground experiences continued with TRANSFORMED BY FIRE: The Rise of The Phoenix on May 21 - an auspicious mid-term Solar transition day of growth & advancement, graced by the Phoenix Star. Do note that these on-ground experiences will indeed be ongoing - and expanded into various workshops (including those planned for June) - so keep an eye out for our events listings!

Meanwhile our flagship mastery programme: BAZI PRACTITIONER MASTERY PROGRAM was held on May 20,21,22 & 27,28,29. As usual, our founder - Jessie Lee - guided beginners & seasoned practitioners alike with her expertise, specialised techniques & priceless personal insight during this anchor program.

The first half of June will be dedicated to travels again, this time to beautiful Nepal and the Himalayas. When we return, special programmes dedicated to working with the strong transformation & fruition energy of summer beckon! First up is TRANSFORMING GOALS INTO REALITY: Activating Success & Completion Mid-2023 will be held online @ 10am on June 18. Join me to discover your most ideal strategy according to your personal Bazi Astrology & boost with current Feng Shui activations to help bring into fruition & success, all your previous and current endeavours!

As we are fast-moving through mid-2023, do make sure you have bought your tickets to our highly-anticipated midyear event NAVIGATING PERIOD 9: Start Strong! This full-day event will be held online on June 24. Join us as our founder - Jessie Lee - will present updates, forecasts & advice not just for the remaining 2023 but also in anticipation of 2024’s key milestone ie. the official, “on-paper” start of Period 9.

We are pleased to expand our ON-GROUND OFFERINGS in Kuala Lumpur to capture the powerful alignment of energy in the Earth Horse month:

1) On the evening of June 18, do join us to work with the powerful New Moon of June through THE NEW MOON CIRCLE: Finding Internal Illumination @ 8pm. Please do book your spot early as spots are very limited (NOW SOLD OUT).

2) To all MEN, I am honoured to invite you in-person to the kick-off of THE SACRED MEN’S CIRCLE: Attuning & Celebrating The Conscious Male also on Sunday June 25 @ 8pm. In this series, we will work with the mind, body & spirit to better harness the divine masculine (and balancing the feminine) for a more wholesome empowerment & personal growth. So gentlemen, I do hope you can join me as the world really needs more people like you!

3) Step into spiritual liberation on a once-a-year day & join us for THE DRAGON DEPARTING DAY Experiential Workshop @ 8pm on June 27. Harness the auspicious energy of the special day to embark on your path of inner transformation, letting go of burdens & releasing stagnation to embrace the freedom that comes with detachment. Do book your physical slot ASAP. For those who cannot be physically present, do join us online on this auspicious, once-a-year date!

For the first time ever online, our inaugural TEA LEAVES DIVINATION class will be held on July 2-3. Grasp your chance to start your journey, not only into one of the most timeless and elegant tasseography methods (Tea Leaves reading), but also other similar divination methods since the theory can be applied to other methods. And if you’ve still not booked your spot to BREAKTHROUGH WITH BAZI IN PERIOD 9 on July 8, please do so! Do join us for this 1-day programme as we take a deep look into your personal Bazi Chart to uncover the urgent breakthroughs that need to be done to enable optimum receptivity to Period 9 energies.

Here’s to a proactive & superlative Earth Horse month!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu