June 2022: Transform To Rise Like The Exuberant Phoenix

We arrive at the most anticipated month of the Ren Yin 2022 year - the fiery, exuberant Fire Horse month from June 6 - July 6!

The Fire Horse is THE pinnacle of 2022 due to the interconnection of the Fire Horse with the Ren Yin annual pillar - the latter being the building block of the potent Grand Centurion Portal which opened on February 18. As well as offering an acceleration into 2026, this Fire Horse month also represents a sneak-peek of potential fire energy for Period 9.

The timeliness of June 2022 come following the support of the Mercury Retrograde phenomenon that occured throughout most of May; this preceding 3-plus week period offered us the valuable process of review & reassessment. It is this required review that will help us better adjust & refine the details of any goals, plans and projects that we have been embarking on. The end of this review period on June 3 therefore transitions us nicely into the Fire Horse month itself.

Test fast. Fail fast. Adjust fast.” – Tom Peters, Business Author/Speaker

However, the most powerful of what the Fire Horse month can offer to us is because fire is the only element of the 5 elements igniting TRANSFORMATION. Its flaming exuberance in June provides the rare opportunity for us to undergo not just the complete shedding of the remnants of the old, but more importantly the powerful forging of the new identity that many of us have been reshaping since the pandemic year of 2020.

Naturally, this process is uncomfortable. Imagine being burnt in a fire cauldron! But it is exactly this process that is required for complete transformation - the alchemy - into whatever new that many of us have been pursuing for the past 2-3 years. Meanwhile, for those who continue to stay in denial of any need to improve will find themselves stuck and ever as stagnant with increasing levels of frustration & discontentment.

Whether we remain the ash or become the phoenix is up to us.” – Deng Ming Dao, Philosopher/Martial Artist

On the whole looking into Chinese Astrology and the associated elements, all indications support to enflame the “wildfire” energies of the Fire Horse (yes, even the Yang/Ren Water stem of the annual Water Tiger). As such, get prepared to make full use of the Fire Element (whatever it represents in your personal astrology chart) but do stay practically-mindful of the “impatient” qualities of the fire element as on a mundane level, fire energy being super-strong in these 2 months will naturally exhibit its less-stellar qualities as well.

While passion, drive and energy will be at its peak, we need to watch out for arising impatience, anger and manic behaviour. Immense breakthroughs are possible as long as we keep our disagreements and debates productive. Keep cool during this period, remember to breathe deeply and perform stress-relief exercises to alleviate anxiety, dissolve impatience and avoid unnecessary arguments. 

Lastly, take note that while fire energies and overall drive are strong from the beginning and continue to build throughout the month, an analysis of the more day-to-day level of the month’s energies indicate that the 2nd half of the month will be more fruitful. This is the period from the Full Moon on June 14 onwards where there will be more actual action, deals being struck and agreements being made.   

 A wild person with calm mind can make anything.” – Eric Mail, Psychotherapist

The month of May truly exemplified the “Travelling Horse” nature of the Snake month (and Tiger year!) with the core Soleil Trinity team being on the move throughout. The month began with an exclusive engagement with jeweller TIFFANY & CO. in Singapore for our founder - Jessie Lee - leading up to the 1st weekend. As such both workshops OWN YOUR PERSONAL POWER WITH BAZI (Grand Centurion Portal Edition) on Saturday, May 7 (conducted by yours truly) and YOUR PERSONAL FENG SHUI CODE - A Transition Into Period 9 on Sunday, May 8 (conducted by our founder) were done off-site.  

As May’s energies were tremendously potent, the Total Lunar Eclipse counterpart of the moon experiential workshops - FINDING OUR INNER LUMINARY (PART 2) took place on May 15. As a pair with the Solar Eclipse workshop (on April 30), these sessions were powerful to expedite the inner work in preparation for the strong mid-year transformative energies.

After a busy period of planning, consults and preparation for exciting workshops/events for the 2nd half 2022, it was more movement and travel towards the end of May, with the core Soleil Trinity team members in action with Tarot Card Reading at the PANASONIC DEALER’S EVENT in Club Med, Cherating on May 27! 

June will be an intense month - with more travel, research & supporting activities for our founder and also yours truly. Program-wise, our flagship BAZI PRACTITIONER MASTERY PROGRAM will happen from 4, 5, 6 & 11, 12 June. This full 5-days course will cover all theory, technique & guidance to set you on track towards becoming a BAZI PRACTITIONER yourself. If that’s what you’re aspiring to be, do note that this program happens only once-a-year so do sign-up if you haven’t.

If you’ve been working on shedding of the old and looking forward to taking control of designing your destiny, do check out my full-day workshop happening on Sunday, July 17 - REPROGRAM TO MANIFEST FOR PERIOD 9. I’m truly looking forward to share with you methods of self-awareness and reprogramming PLUS manifestation insights that I’ve been developing since last year! Catch the early bird pricing while it’s still on.

There will be continuous updates and exciting *special* events while we are on the move throughout June. Do note that we will release details of our 2nd HALF-YEAR TALK that will take place on Sunday, July 10 very, very soon - stay tuned for announcements on social media and email. Our founder (Jessie Lee) is also finalising one or 2 possible workshops at the start of July so keep a look-out for those when they are confirmed.

All the very best from all of us at Soleil Trinity for the intense and transformative month of the Fire Horse!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu