July 2022: Manifesting & Shaping A New Reality For Period 9

"If you’re committed, you’ll do whatever it takes.” – John Assaraf, Founder/CEO NeuroGym

The transformative mid-year energies enflame through into the July month of the Fire Goat (July 7 - August 7). Due to the unique relationship between the animal signs of the Horse and Goat, either or both the elements of fire and earth will be prevalent.

However, as the Goat animal sign itself contains earth as the main element, the Earth Element will generally dominate more in the month of the Goat itself.

Indeed, all elemental and astrological indications bode well for the birth and shaping of new structures in life that support the fresh new perspectives, directions and goals that we have been cultivating in recent times.

This is a tremendously opportune time to work with manifestation energy & the possibilities of establishing the key system(s), required procedure or simply a clear way forward in the development of whatever new you have embarked on.

Additionally - also from the technical perspective - the Yin Fire heavenly stem of the Goat month is also in harmony with the Yang Water stem of this Tiger year; whereas the main wood qi in the year’s Tiger provides direct support to the continued strong fire energy of the season (which in turn results in the formation of earth defining fixed and longer-term structures of life).

However, in order to make space for the new, one would need to have released the old and stagnant plus any components of life that weigh down on our personal and soul growth. Thus is the unique nature of this month - for those who have not embarked on any crucial changes will either witness more of the same or worse still, further stagnation.

,Whereas for those who have embraced major changes in the recent years and months, this period provides an extremely potent opportunity to manifest and shape fresh structures in any significant area of life, for example, career or a particular relationship aspect. 

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” – Audre Lorde, Writer/Civil Rights Activist

As for the chronology of the month itself, the first 10 days of the calendar month up to the Full Moon on July 13 / 14 will be suited for the fine-tuning of our desired wishes, goals & overall direction as this moon cycle is pegged with a strong foundation of our human desire for belonging, feeling loved/nurtured and the true expression of one’s personal values.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of July will be a powerful reference for the establishment of long-term commitments, goals & a vision toward living a meaningful life reflecting these core personal values. Therefore, the 2nd period of the month approximately from the Full Moon until the end of the calendar month on the 31st will be a powerful time of potential - especially if we merge our crystal-clear wishes with empowered action to manifest them into reality.

As changes are part and parcel of growth, the last week of the Fire Goat month leading up to the official start of the Earth Monkey month (on August 8) is the period where major breakthroughs and shake-ups will take place. Release, allow and trust that these changes are for the formation of all that is newly needed to support your new objectives, plans and dreams.    

Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.” – Roy T. Bennett, Author

June was indeed an “Everything All At Once” month! With travel, adventures, research & even classes-on-the-move for our founder - Jessie Lee - and yours truly. It was an incredible month of experiences, discovery, & challenges in Kathmandu, Nepal where we lived the magic of Kathmandu and explored many historic, spiritual & energetically-powerful sites! In the midst of our hectic daily schedule, we also conducted many consultations and our founder also taught the flagship BAZI PRACTITIONER MASTERY PROGRAM on June 4, 5, 6 & 11, 12 June live from Nepal. This full 5-days course covering all key theory, technique & guidance is to enable any enthusiast to work towards become a BAZI PRACTITIONER with enough dedication and practice.

To optimise the most powerful months of 2022, we have packed our JULY schedule with workshops and flagship courses. We kick-off with a Bazi Astrology-based workshop BAZI X STRATEGY: THE WINNING COMBO on Sunday, July3 @ 2pm aimed at highlighting strategic configurations in one’s Bazi Chart for victories and outpacing the competition. Meanwhile, our STAR mid-year event - NAVIGATING THE 2022 STORM will empower all of us on the best way forward for the remaining half of this important Water Tiger Year! Be sure not to miss this full-day talk for latest information, updated forecasts & important advice from our founder, Jessie Lee.

If taking control of your destiny for Period 9 is high on your agenda, do check out my full-day workshop happening on Sunday, July 17 - REPROGRAM TO MANIFEST FOR PERIOD 9 where I’ll be sharing with you methods to release personal stagnation and to enable more effective manifestation! This is a Bazi Astrology-based workshop that I’ve been developing since last year and I can’t wait to present this workshop to you. And to cap-off this special July month, will be another of our TOP-LEVEL flagship programs - ELEVATE YOUR WEALTH - utilising a combination of Bazi Astrology (from the unique perspective of the powerful 36 Strategems), and specialised Feng Shui manipulations timed with powerful dates to up-level your personal WEALTH threshold! 

All the best being in your own driver’s seat for this month of the Fire Goat!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu