February 2024: Zooming Into Period 9

”Let your inner dragon take flight. Soar the skies untouchable in your sparkling beauty.”

Here we are, soaring into the historic Period 9 with the February Fire Tiger month (February 4 - March 4) kicking-off the Wood Dragon Year!

After the past couple of years of transition, we finally arrive at the official “Dragon Gate” beckoning us into a new 20 years phase. While the previous checkpoint month of the January Wood Ox (officially ending the Water Rabbit Year) was a powerhouse of re-alignment energy as a final shake-up to get ready, February is all-systems-go into the electrifying buzz of this new period!

The February Yang Fire Tiger (Bing Yin) month is, of course, the first month of the Wood Dragon Year - the latter being the 1st official year of Period 9. Being the 1st month of spring, the Fire Tiger brings the vital potential of strong growth energy to charge us up for success & accomplishments for the rest of the year - 2024 being especially important to establish the most solid foundation for the upcoming 20 years.

This month is truly a powerhouse of rapid growth and elevation with the presence of the omnipotent Yang Fire (Bing) of the Sun emanating ultimate growth energy bringing to life planted seeds, with the underlying Yin Water (Gui - present in the Dragon) nurturing this growth. As long as there is an empowered willingness to fuel major - almost aggressive - growth, this month is like a “battery” for powering-up the rest of 2024!

The Lunar Chinese New Year begins with the 1st New Moon of the year on February 10, after the official first day of Spring (Li Chun). Incredibly so, February 10 is itself a Wood Dragon DAY; mirroring the same exact Wood Dragon Year pillar. This is significant - foretelling the counterbalance of external desires & goals to be anchored to the unearthing of internal wisdom & personal realisations. This is paramount to optimise the year’s energies!

February is also when our personal energy is strongly activated! Overall, the month begins with our mental energy connecting to the portal of Period 9, enabling the flow of ideas & enhanced communication or linkages to support our goals and intentions. Furthermore, the annual imagery highlighting the importance of balancing one’s internal yin yang - effectively marrying the contrast of masculine will with the feminine essence of unconditional love - is heightened from February 15 onwards. This activation will last until end February.

”Listen to your heart when he’s calling for you…and there are voices that want to be heard.” - from “Listen To Your Heart” by Roxette

Therefore, do seize this 1st month of the Wood Dragon Year! There is a powerhouse of potential energy to unleash that one can effectively harness to jumpstart intentions, goals & targets over the course of the coming year. Naturally, being the 1st year of Period 9, the Fire Tiger month is crucial - not only for paving the way for the remaining year as it unfolds - but excitingly, for the entire 20-year phase ahead!

This is THE month to take “aggressive” action to stimulate & grow your plans and projects for the year (take note that the months ahead have dissimilar energy). Move fast, seize current opportunities & stay active. However, it is vital to remain grounded in order to focus this highly-charged energy into a personal “battery” for you to plug into. You can perform personal cultivation exercise such as crystal sound meditation, breathing exercises & movement flow in order to be connected to your heart’s desires as you charge ahead through the month.

”No matter what your history has been, your destiny is what you create today. What are you going to create?” - Steve Maraboli, Behavioural Science Academic/Author/Speaker

January 2024 was a volcanic month! Indeed, here at Soleil Trinity, with time zooming past so quickly, we suddenly found ourselves entering the 1st month of the Wood Dragon year, crossing through the Dragon Gate of Period 9!

Our 2024 calendar began with our Signature Annual Astrology talks - ENTER THE DRAGON 2024: AWAKENING PERIOD 9 on January 6, 2024 (ENGLISH) and January 7, 2024 (CANTONESE). This was the double-bill that kicked-off the reality of (finally) entering into Period 9! All participants benefitted from the heads-up on the forecasts, deep insights & activations to maximise 2024’s Wood Dragon energies to strongly set the tone for Period 9!

As we begin Period 9, it is ever more important to align our personal energy to match the high-vibrations of Period 9. To kick-start this for Period 9, we were incredibly excited to host our specially-curated, in-person event - FROM INNERTIA TO ILLUMINATION: Awaken Your Potential for Period 9 on January 13, 2024. With the focus on personal cultivation activities - breathwork, sound immersion, guided meditations, vocalisation etc - participants took the opportunity to awaken & elevate their potential for the historic 20 years ahead.

Next up was our anchor workshop - POWER UP 2024 from January 20-22! This was specially-designed by our founder - Jessie Lee - for more potent applications of the combination of Bazi Astrology, Feng Shui, Date Selection & YiJing insights. The workshop imparted specialised techniques for each participant to maximise the energies of this all-important Wood Dragon Year to power-up the year!

Our busy January calendar ended with 2 powerful workshops as part of the EMBRACE THE DAWN OF PERIOD 9 series on January 27 - i) SACRED RELEASE 7 ii) A SYMPHONY OF SOUND & ORACLE. Occurring on the last “REMOVE” Day of not only 2023’s Water Rabbit but in fact the entirety of Period 8, the workshops were incredibly powerful for release and letting go of negativities, self-sabotaging behaviour & misconceptions to begin anew for Period 9.

February began with a bang on the 1st day of Spring (Li Chun) on February 4 with PART 2 to our EMBRACE THE DAWN OF PERIOD 9 series - i) POWER UP FOR THE DRAGON YEAR ii) BREATH OF THE DRAGON. Both were sold out; the goal being to realign & activate the participants’ personal energy on the very 1st day of Period 9 to catch the high-potentials of Period 9!

As the emphasis on personal cultivation continues, we are pleased to announce the upcoming ONLINE session of TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATHWORK + SOUND HEALING: Breathe, Release, Transform - Awaken Your Potential for Period 9 on Sunday, February 25 from 2:30PM - 4:30PM. Joins Jolston Ng & Jessie Lee online for this tremendously powerful breath-work practice to unlock further potential to harness the fast opportunities of Period 9!

February will be a highly energetic month - for this, we are planning additional workshops. In the works are workshops on Lunar Full Moon manifestation, the next Sacred Men’s Circle meet-up etc. Stay tuned to announcements via our email & social media!

Lastly, I’m excited to announce MANIFEST YOUR LIFE 2024: Set Your Best Foundation For Period 9! This is a full-day workshop on Sunday, March 24 to maximise the depth of 2024’s Wood Dragon energy for deeper breakthroughs, energy elevation & even fast-track unique opportunities based on one’s personal Bazi chart - coupled with options of annual Feng Shui activations. Early Bird rate out now!

Here’s to your most powerful start to Period 9 in February 2024!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu