February 2023: Breaking Free To Hop Ahead In 2023!

Welcome to the official Water Rabbit Year!

The Solar New Year officially commences at 10:43 am February 4, 2023, on Li Chun (the first day of Spring) with the Wood Tiger month. While the energy of the Water Rabbit will be the dominant energy for the rest of the year, this first Tiger month is of major significance.

Due to the “hidden combination” relationship between the Tiger and the Ox, there is actually a “shadow” energy of the Ox all through this Wood Tiger month, linking the energy pattern back to the prior January Ox month being the final “checkpoint” of each year. This significance is multiplied since we have just completed the powerful Water Tiger year with the January Ox month itself.

In short, February’s Wood Tiger month (February 4 - March 5) will be a testing ground of whatever shadow energy was brought to light in the final Chinese Solar month of January that was to be resolved and released, in order to free up energy that we should put forth to 2023. If we have done that, we can then hop ahead for the rest of the Water Rabbit 2023 Year!

If not, then whatever remnants of unresolved issues, baggage or stuck patterns will continue to haunt us - not just for the rest of 2023 but potentially for the crucial, upcoming half of Period 9. As such, it is crucial for us to have this awareness underlying all our perception, decision & actions throughout this month, so that we can really capitalise on the full potential of 2023.

“For a change, don’t add new things in your life as a new year’s resolution. Instead…stop doing things that are time-waste.” – Salil Jha, Poet/Adventurer/Transpersonal Coach

Overall, we can look forward to a fast-moving Water Rabbit Year! The year promises a lot of output & growth, especially for those who are prepared and have worked on maximising their full potential. Alternatively, this can also be the year TO GROW and stretch one’s capability, ability and skills/talents - we can then look at all challenges, obstacles and tests that arise as growth opportunities.

The promising Water Rabbit year is also boosted by the Full Moon on February 5 which activates personal growth and forward movement, balanced with the important foundation of kinship, family & overall civility. Other annual astrological indications further highlight the importance of networking and interpersonal relationships, prioritising the interconnectedness of our family, clan & soul groups.

The theme of networking and leveraging not just on win-win, but a long-term interconnectedness of our human experience, is especially pronounced in the imagery of this first Wood Tiger month of the Water Rabbit Year. The combination of the annual elements (Yin Water and Yin Wood) and the prominent Yang Wood elements of the Wood Tiger paint us the picture of (literally) an evergreen, symbiotic relationships of plants in a forest or jungle.

“We all have a soul family, the ones that ignite and support our truth. They’ll make you face yourself and become raw and authentic. You’ll roam but never too far from each other for the invisible thread of connectedness; once opened can never be locked.” – Nikki Rowe, Author

On a day-to-day level, the 2nd half of February will be better suited to the finalisation of the details of any grand plans or restructuring that you have been working on for any key part of your life - be it in career, lifestyle or role in a relationship etc. This process will be especially relevant for goals & dreams that one envisions for Period 9. Completing the final pieces to these plans in February can then lead to a powerful March double Rabbit month.

Nevertheless, in this optimistic year that promises so much growth, over-exuberance (and overdoing things) is likely. It will be crucial to pause and reflect intermittently to check if we are moving too fast, things look too good to be true or if greed has overtaken our sensibilities. Remember to be aware of the potential to overdo things throughout this year.

”You have succeeded in life when all you really WANT is only what you really NEED.” – Vernon Howard, Spiritual Teacher/Author/Philosopher

January - being the last month of the Water Tiger - was a whirlwind thanks in part to the Lunar New Year being on the early side this season. The first weekend opened with our annual Feng Shui & Astrology Talks 2023: JUMPING OUT OF THE RABBIT HOLE in Cantonese on January 7 and English on January 8. It was an exciting weekend of outlook forecasts, strategies and insights on 2023!

Speaking of whirlwind, our resident consultants were busily caught up with numerous corporate and commercial engagements for a variety of the readings (Bazi, Tarot, Face, Palm etc) all throughout January (and February). Clientele included Mercedes Benz (Hap Seng Star), Zurich Group, Red Army Watches, RHB Group, Xsolla, various property developers and many more! Yours truly was also extremely blessed to be engaged as a speaker for 2023 Water Rabbit updates at multiple corporate dinner/CNY functions.

Amidst the packed (but joyful) Lunar CNY celebrations, our founder - Jessie Lee - continued to provide updates and FB Live specials including a preview of the POWER UP 2023 workshop on Saturday, January 27 that included new information on the mega-timing cycles we are all currently thriving in.

So if you are seriously looking to accelerate your Water Rabbit Year, make sure you join us for the workshop! POWER UP 2023 will be held on February 11-13, 2023. Please do not miss this if you would like to craft the key ingredients of Astrology, Feng Shui, Date Selection & YiJing into boosting your BEST 2023 possible!

Lastly, if you have been waiting to experience a specialised workshop on building towards greater WEALTH in the CANTONESE language, don’t miss THE WEALTH CODE (Cantonese) to be held on Saturday, February 18 from 2-6pm.

Have a wonderfully productive Water Rabbit 2023 Year from all of us at Soleil Trinity!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu