December 2023: Maximizing Growth Ahead For 2024

”Life is travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken.” - D.H. Lawrence, Novelist/Writer/Essayist

Welcome to December 2023! We arrive at the peak of winter (and water element energy) for 2023. The December Wood Rat is especially unique, bridging into an early transition of the upcoming astrological year - the 2024 Wood Dragon.

Specifically, the Wood Rat month - which begins on December 7 (until January 5, 2024) - is vitally important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, for this Water Rabbit year, this is practically the culmination month. The thematic energy for the year has been growth, creativity & diversification; therefore, the foundation of these will see fundamental developments this month. Secondly, we are greeting the Wood Dragon early; as the month progresses, the Wood Dragon would be gliding-in as an additional layer of astrological energy. This is due to the affinity of the December Wood Rat month with the 2024 Wood Dragon Year.

Here, it is beneficial to recap that this year’s winter months are truly unique as they bring in the energy of wood (strengthened by the water qi of the winter season) ahead of its natural peak in the spring months of next year. This energy peaks this December Wood Rat, arising from the seed of Yang Wood (Jia) hidden in the previous Pig (Hai) month, which surfaces to the top (Heavenly Stem) of this Rat (Zi) month.

This is especially significant as Yang Wood (Jia) is also the dominant Heavenly Stem energy of the Wood Dragon Year 2024. From the elemental perspective, this means that whatever creation, diversification & expansion one has developed during both the Water Tiger Year (2022) & Water Rabbit Year (2023) can find leverage for the year ahead - if one has played one’s cards to the fullest in terms of embracing crucial growth & development.

”Our struggles are the short term lessons we learn to achieve long term success.” - Simon Sinek, Author/Speaker on Business Leadership

Indeed if we look at Jia Zi (Yang Wood Rat) as a pillar by itself, its energetic boost is potent; especially in terms of superlative growth, advancement & progress. Its water-growing-wood nature denotes self-contained support with an abundance of resources. Through the pillar’s special affinity to Jia Chen (Yang Wood Dragon @ 2024), the December Water Rat month is able to provide > 2 months of a head-start prior to the official transition into the Solar New Year on February 4, 2024.

However, this leverage - when it comes to key areas of support such as organisational leverage, an opportune mentor, expert knowledge etc - can only be tapped if we let down our guard & take the humble road. Be of service to others, avoid falling into the trappings of pride/ego and always stay empathetic of others’ position. It is also important to allow creativity to flow & focus on nourishment instead of immediate results/rewards.

In other astrological aspects, December will be host to the final Mercury Retrograde for 2023. This will officially commence on December 13 in conjunction with the New Moon, lasting until January 2, 2024. The main energy of this retrograde cycle is to encourage us to re-focus on longer-term growth instead of immediate, concrete results.

The 2nd half of December offers us the tremendous opportunity to channel our personal drive & motivation into building towards an exciting future that marries our personal values with the practicality of service to others. Remember that having unwavering trust remains crucial during this period, for what we desire to build & manifest in the coming 20 years.

”The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.” - Maya Angelou, Poet/Memoirist/Civil Activist

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Wishing you a blessed, celebration-filled month ahead with Winter Solstice, Christmas & other year-end holidays/festivities. Have a wonderful December 2023!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu