August 2022: Be Bold Realigning Towards Your Destiny

One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen over and over again; fear must be overcome over and over again.” – Abraham Maslow, Psychologist

Moving from the mid-year fiery energies, we enter the “clash” month of the year of the Water Tiger. As fire energy dissipates from the 2nd half of the month, the main theme - from the end of July onwards in fact - are instability, disruption & changes.

August 2022 is a pivotal month in this incredibly powerful year. This is especially so following the transformative (and manifestative) energies of the past 2 months, revved by the disruptive energies of end July, pushing us to make necessary changes & realignments as we journey towards creating our personal destiny for the coming 20 years.    

From the Chinese Astrology perspective, the first week of the Earth Monkey month (from August 7 -September 7) is a follow-through of the powerful energies from end July that can mobilise or push us to make important shifts to up-level our lives. This is the time to finally make adjustments or change any perspective/mindset that will allow you to live your life in the most meaningful way possible.

Overall the Yang Earth Monkey Month clashing the Yang Water Tiger Year denotes active movement and instability. It is an opportune time to get out from the comfort zone, move with the necessary changes that are needed to flow to the next platform of personal growth.

Growth (or the potential for growth) is really the core theme this month. In what aspect is the change or movement presenting to you? It is crucial to be aware of the potential of growth in the change that has presented itself or alternatively, stagnation should you maintain the status quo. As emotions could be the sabotaging factor, be aware that sentimentality and feelings of ingratitude could cloud one’s judgment and hinder one from taking the leap to future potential.

Don’t go through life, grow through life.” – Eric Butterworth, Minister/Author  

There are so many major, disruptive astrological forces converging and aligning together during this time that hold much promise of growth and personal elevation. So instead of just anticipating shake-ups or worst still, being fearful - it will be wiser to be proactive to take bold strides in shaking-up whatever major aspect of your life that NEEDS to change. Be bold, decisive and act quickly to capitalise on the current rapid energies to fully honour your personal ideals, skills and talents.

This intense period will peak around the Full Moon of August 12. The tension lies where one’s individual quest for expression and freedom may be bogged down by the inevitable reality of current (and perceived future) circumstances. Again, instead of letting frustration get the better of us, it is much more productive to reflect.

Do a realistic assessment of how your renewed desires, goals & objectives fit into the collective system in whatever aspect of life you are examining, in the foreseeable future.

For example, we may need to look into how our skills and professional talents need to be adjusted or improved considering the market, opportunities & challenges moving into the new cycle of Period 9.

The overall energy will soften after August 20, which will be more conducive for actually working out plans, especially what’s needed in the short-term. Overall, this month also presents an opportunity to examine the use of resources that we have on hand.

Therefore, an important exercise for us to do is to analyse if our current energy expression, lifestyle or even company modus operandi can be streamlined for better efficiency and focus. This can include areas like additional income sources maximising our innate talents, managing interim cashflow or other transitional measures (such as moving) that are necessary to build towards the long-term goals you are working on. 

Meanwhile, the last few days of August and the 1st week of September are periods that will be particularly suited to anything related to communication & negotiation. With the type of “give-and-take” and fair assessment energies present, this will be the best time for evaluations and contract negotiations; within the context of overall changeability and dynamism of this clash month.

Be sure to capitalise on this window since Mercury retrograde - typically associated with miscommunication or breakdowns - will take place from September 23 next month.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou, Author/Poet/Activist

July’s schedule was a flurry of energy with workshops and flagship courses at Soleil Trinity, curated to optimise this very powerful mid-year period. We kicked-off with a Bazi Astrology-based workshop BAZI X STRATEGY: THE WINNING COMBO on Sunday, July 3 highlighting strategic methods in handling the 10 Day Masters to stay ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, our founder - Jessie Lee - enlightened the crowd on the outlook and best strategies to maximise the remainder of 2022 at our mid-year event - NAVIGATING THE 2022 STORM on July 10. This event was conducted and streamed live from Sabah, Malaysia where the Soleil Trinity core team spent a priceless week in the “fiery” Kundasang area surrounding majestic Mount Kinabalu.

On immediate return from the land-below-the-wind (Sabah, Malaysia), yours truly dived right into my full-day workshop REPROGRAM TO MANIFEST FOR PERIOD 9 on Sunday, July 19. A heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended the workshop, where I shared an alternative look at the 5 elements and methods to release blockages & stagnation to speed-up manifestation! Ending the powerful July month was our TOP-LEVEL flagship program - ELEVATE YOUR WEALTH on July 23-25 combining Bazi Astrology (from the unique perspective of the powerful 36 Strategems) & specialised Feng Shui manipulations timed with personalised dates for top-level breakthroughs in personal wealth. 

It will once again be a month of dynamic movement this August where we will be traveling to the ancient land of Egypt for an energy grounding of The Soul’s Journey happening in November. Do join us for our founder’s (Jessie Lee) special livestream from the energy centre of the world - PREPARE TO THRIVE IN PERIOD 9 on August 12, in conjunction with the Full Moon. This is a complimentary event as we would like to take the opportunity to share & give back to everyone - LIVE from this powerful land. Please do share this event around as our founder will reveal information to get everyone up-to-speed and capture early opportunities of Period 9!  

And speaking of Period 9, don’t miss out on our updated Period 9 workshop - PERIOD 9: PHOENIX ARISING on August 27-28 to unlock the codes to your greatest transformation to boost your wealth and spiritual ascension way ahead of the peak of Period 9. Grab your chance at leveraging on the cosmic powers of Period 9 ahead of the game, prior to its official start in 2024!

Lastly - before I wrap up this monthly newsletter - a reminder here that the FENG SHUI (Earth Luck) energies are incredibly powerful and specially-aligned this Earth Monkey month -with the monthly Flying Stars mirroring the back-to-homebase annual Flying Stars in the Luo Shu chart. As such, do maximise your activations this month!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu