Apr 2024: Deep Realignment For Period 9

”If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must (people) be of learning from experience.” - George Bernard Shaw, Activist/Critic/Playwright

The majestic Dragon rolls into its 3rd month with another dragon appearing - the Earth Dragon - from April 5 to May 4!

Ever since the Wood Dragon kicked-off Period 9, except for the thrilling (and short) Fire Tiger February month, we have seen an interesting convergence of intense energy right at beginning of the year. The previous Fire Rabbit month of March was a set-up to the current Double Dragon month of April - bringing to light the “evidence” of what areas of life that need further inner-work.

For March, we experienced a dichotomy: the majority of those triggered by the monthly Rabbit & annual Dragon energy met with obstacles and unexpected setbacks due to lack of growth (and the required letting go, movement & expansion being part of growing) from the previous 2 years. However, another group were required to slow-down and do review work as they have become too unfocussed or perhaps overly aggressive in pursuing growth.

These triggers in the previous month now bring us to this checkpoint month of the Earth Dragon, the last of the Spring season. The Double Dragon month (Wu Chen meeting Jia Chen) is when numerous astrological phenomena converge to provide the immense opportunity for deep realignment for this opening portion of Period 9.

In Chinese Astrology, the Double Dragon is actually a Self Punishment, a literal double-edged sword in terms of the outward manifestation of a host of issues from delayed action, unexpected results or a stack-up of obligations and commitments. At the core, this is an issue (once again) of growth & healing - the Dragon being a maturity point of growth hence reflecting the efforts we have put in to grow and at the deepest level, the healing that comes hand-in-hand with personal growth.

As such, this is the month of deep realisation on these themes and the planning of the subsequent follow-up that we need in terms of reprogramming of mindset, change or inculcating new behaviour/habits that serve us better. What is it that we have not prioritised before that limits what we can do now? What is it that we are still holding on to that blocks us from the growth potential so vast in Period 9? What self-sabotaging behaviour are still preventing us from being our best? These are some of the questions you may ask yourself.

”Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” - Yoko Ono, Artist/Activist

The good news is that other potent phenomena help us find further clarity & power-up the changes that we need to subsequently make. The 1st is the eclipse cycle that has already begun with the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on March 25. This strongly shed a bright light on our relationship dynamics - the types of people we have around us, what shifts we need to make in our interactions, who we may need to let go of, the clan we should now have working with us, etc.

Next up will be the incredibly powerful Total Solar Eclipse now building up for April 8/9. This powerful reset point gifts us the omnipotence to embark on major changes & new starts. Anchor your plan for new starts especially in relation to your personal values & healing journey so far - what were your key issues that you have worked on; what & how you have healed & progressed?

The clarity from these perspectives will point you specifically to the new start you can propel yourself forwards with the push of the eclipse energies. Remember to use your inner compass, anchoring deep into the depths of your being & spirituality to shape the outward life that you envision for the rest of Period 9.

The 2nd phenomenon is the Mercury Retrograde (a thrice-per-year event) that already began on April 1. This time, the retrograde directly works with our soul; triggering our contemplation of our life thus far and allowing an inner articulation/clarity of the wounds (from early years) & healing/growth journey that we have embraced. This will enhance the healing opportunity so strong in the Double Dragon, with the aim that the month’s progression will help free-up our energy, allowing us to propel to greater heights.

As such, please make full use of the opportunity to heal, realign and embark on change this month! While it is common to focus on more direct outward development in terms of our work/career goals at this point of the year, these are not what the energy of the Double Dragon supports, nor do the global astrological phenomena. Instead, tap into the full opportunity this month to gain inner clarity, realign your plans & then embark on a refreshed course from the 2nd half on the month of the Double Dragon onwards, heading towards the exciting potential of May!

”Sometimes the best way to help people is to slow them down long enough to examine their own thinking.” - Meg Jay, Clinical Psychologist

It was full-swing back to our academic calendar especially from the 2nd half of March 2024 after the non-stop New Year/Period 9 preparations including the hectic schedule of workshops, consultations + Lunar New Year celebrations.

First up at the midpoint juncture of the month was our special session working with the power of the Heavenly Pardon Day. HEAVEN’S FORGIVENESS was held online on Friday, March 15 - a specially-curated session working with the principles of forgiveness incorporating breathwork & sound healing.

On the next day was the 1st session of UNLEASHING THE DYNAMIC FENG SHUI CODE which was held from March 16-18. Our founder - Jessie Lee - once again introduced newbies & practitioners alike to the concept of tapping qi on-the-go, as she presented the course work which had been extended as well! Meanwhile, I was excited to unveil MANIFEST YOUR LIFE 2024: Set Your Best Foundation For Period 9 on Sunday, March 24 after months of preparation. The workshop peeled deeper layers of 2024’s Wood Dragon energy for deeper breakthroughs & also fast-track potential results & manifestation.

Also on our March calendar was our co-founder - certified NLP master coach and breath-master Jolston Ng’s - first online workshop: SALES FOR NON-SALESPEOPLE: Essential Selling Skills for Everyone on Saturday, March 30. This workshop gave an insightful NLP perspective of selling to our students & followers alike.

As I write this, our already-packed April calendar is filling up even more! If you want to find out what the exciting THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING potential is for Period 9, do join us for a complimentary preview on Saturday, April 6 @ 9pm. Meanwhile, the exciting roll-out of our ATMA BOWLS’ SERIES continue after completing delivery of our first batch of bowls to happy adopters. The good news is that we are now resuming orders for our series of bowls! Place your orders here: ATMA BOWLS’ SERIES
(Incidentally, our special practical meditation session with ATMA bowls on Sunday, April 7 - ECLIPSE ILLUMINATION - became fully-subscribed just a day after release).

Speaking of eclipse, do ensure you join us ONLINE for PORTAL UNLEASHED on April 8 @ 9pm (GMT + 8) immediately preceding the TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. Work with us to work for you to incite awareness, realisations & breakthrough to begin anew for the rest of 2024.

Next on our packed calendar will be our flagship BAZI PRACTITIONER MASTERY PROGRAM on April 13-15 and April 20-22. This program is only held once a year so if you would like to embark on your journey towards becoming a Bazi Consultant, this is your chance!

I’m excited to share also that in-line with the realignment energies of April, the next SACRED MEN’S CIRCLE will be held on Saturday, April 20. Gentlemen, stay tuned for more info & the release of the registration link via our social media and email!

Also in April’s line-up is once again one of our flagship training programs - THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING - that will be held on April 27 & 28. If you would like to start training in the principles of sound healing (aka The Future of Medicine here, now) to serve yourself and others around you, do register for this ONLINE class.

Remember - work with us to work for you in April 2024!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu