April 2023: Concluding Spring With A Push For Renewal

“Expect the unexpected, believe in the unbelievable, achieve the unachievable.”

Welcome to the Fire Dragon month, from April 5 - May 5!

This 3rd month of the Water Rabbit year - as for every last month of each season - is a checkpoint month. Closing out the Spring season this year is the Fire Dragon; set to provide an abundant basket of elemental energy boosting transformational growth as we head into the rest of the year. What is the secret of tapping into these strong energy?

The Fire Dragon consists of the supportive growth elements of Yang Fire and Yin Water/Yin Wood. Besides Yang Fire, the ingredients signifying growth - Yin Water and Yin Wood - are locked within the main qi of Yang Earth of the Dragon. The key to unleashing further growth therefore entails the “cracking-open” of the Yang Earth “container” of the month’s Dragon!

This process can be understood better through the relationship between the monthly Dragon and the annual Rabbit. In Bazi Astrology terms, this is a “Harm” relationship - with characteristics of unexpected occurrences, a feeling of being taken by surprise or being left-out/edged-out in certain situations. Therefore, keep in mind that any of these emotions is an indicator of something that needs to be looked-into and acted upon.

Thus, the lesson to the month is a crucial push for renewal. This can be moving on from circumstances which are outdated, the urgent need to upgrade one’s skills and knowledge or simply finding a better fit for the expression of one’s energy or talents. When the necessary renewal changes are done, then one can better capitalise on the immense growth potential of the year.

It is best for this process to be done urgently, as not only is the overall month incredibly strong for transformation (see below for more details) but water energy - the resource to growth - will weaken drastically after this month until at least the autumn season.

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” – Abraham Maslow, Psychologist

The Full Moon occurring almost at the start of the Fire Dragon month on April 6 blesses us with a balanced perspective to our outward drive to build and achieve. This balance comes in the form of familial and key relationships in one’s life. Staying rooted to the importance of these will keep our individual desires, goals & plans in-check.

Adding to overall energy of the Fire Dragon month are 2 key astrological phenomena. One of it is a powerful Hybrid Solar Eclipse - an eclipse that begins as a partial solar eclipse and then shifting to a total one - on April 20. The entire eclipse is scheduled to peak @ 1217pm (GMT + 8). Solar Eclipses - especially when they are total ones - are powerful portals of reset/restarts and this one is particularly potent as there are numerous other indications (on planet positions and alignments) that jointly converge to energetically push for major shift or realignment.

Especially in the days leading to the Fire Dragon month, a heightened awareness should have arisen from our personal energy body, activating our mind to discover more meaning in day-to-day living. Thus will begin a process of re-evaluating our personal values that lay a foundation to our personal desire and drive so strongly activated in these early months of the Water Rabbit year. The month’s totality of immense energy will peak at the Solar Eclipse and will last through the immediately ensuing Mercury Retrograde period - instigating any key change or realignment that we need to undergo.

Speaking of Mercury Retrograde, this time it is powerfully converging with the Solar Eclipse, beginning on April 21 and lasting until mid-May. This period will be best suited for the re-evaluation and assessment of internal perspective & personal values, followed-up with the crucial but uncomfortable change/reset needed as we align our mindset, decisions and action towards a more focused path. This will be not just the current, but particularly also setting the tone for 2024 and beyond into Period 9.

From a personal perspective, the strategy of the month will be to sit with the uncomfortable emotions and possibly any feelings of betrayal that arise first to process them. Keep in mind not to prematurely (or immaturely!) react to triggers, externalise blame or lose energy. Instead, flip the perspective and use the arising triggers to unravel where and what necessary changes need to be made with the wave of renewal energies of the month.

”I wonder how many times people give up just before a breakthrough - when they are on the very brink of success.” – Joyce Meyer, Author/Speaker

March was a month of a core masterclass & special workshops including a preview for our exciting new physical program - the POWER UP YOUR LIFE advancement program held on the evening of March 13.

Next-up was the much-awaited core practitioner course - FACE READING MASTERCLASS - from March 18 to 20. Our founder - Jessie Lee - led students through the core syllabus of facial physiognomy while providing lots of practical examples on interpretation techniques, including specialised application such as performing annual readings.

Speaking of specialised, right at the turn into the Fire Dragon month, my highly-researched workshops - REALIGN TO MANIFEST & MANIFEST YOUR LIFE 2023 were presented on April 1. The former was a revised edition of last year’s debut workshop on assessing the chakra energy body and the latter, a BRAND-NEW workshop curated to highlight methods to enhance production/manifestation & tap into the strong creation opportunities of this Water Rabbit year.

The rest of April will be dedicated to the preparation for various upcoming programmes and also catching-up with the backlog of personal consultations, especially timely with the inner-work energies of April - so do book your personal session ASAP. Another important method of inner-work/healing is tapping into
THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING. Our introduction to SOUND will kick-off with the 2-day online theory and instructional program THE POWER OF SOUND HEALING on April 22 & 23. Do register if you would like to begin your sound healing journey as this will be the prerequisite program leading into the practical session to be held at Song Yan (Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia) from May 4-5.

The pristine natural abode of Song Yan will also be the venue for our
POWER UP YOUR LIFE advancement program! This will be the 1st time we are holding a physical program to follow-through beyond the classroom setting with experiences designed to inspire/push you to breakthrough to your next-level best. Join Jessie Lee, myself, Jolston Ng and the rest of the ST team for this in-person program from May 5 to 7 - we’re truly excited for this!

Wishing you an incredibly productive yet transformative Fire Dragon month!

Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu