April 2022: Igniting & Transmuting Reality With Higher Wisdom

“Do not be a one in a million person. Be a once in a lifetime individual.” – Jeffrey Fry, CEO/Author

April 2022 continues our journey onwards into the potent Water Tiger Year. After a relationship-oriented Rabbit month of March 2022, once again the opportunity to work with the powerful energies of the year for our individual growth & ascension are heightened this month.

For the Wood Dragon month (April 5 - May 5), there are actually 2 layers of concurrent energy - one resulting from the overt interaction between the annual Water Tiger and the monthly Wood Dragon; the other a covert deep, intense portal of the water element that provides another priceless opportunity to connect with our higher self for the forward propulsion of our soul growth.

With such powerful energetics, the transition into the official 3rd Solar Wood Dragon Chinese month (beginning April 5) has been aided by the corresponding energy of the New Moon on April 1 - greatly supporting the letting go, healing & transmutation of energies that move us towards our unique higher purpose in life.

This is where the excitement of whatever that is new and fresh in terms of our pursuits (as we begin the Wood Dragon month) bumps against reality & inevitable restrictions. For the majority of us who are crafting new projects, developing new careers and embodying new lifestyles propelled by the Grand Centurion Portal (and other preceding major astrological phenomena) - the motivation and intention that emerges prior to April will face a reality check, particular at the start & in the 2nd half of the Wood Dragon month.

Therefore, patience will be needed and it is important to utilise these portions of the month as “concrete” feedback from the universe as to where you are in your new endeavours and importantly, what adjustments in modus operandi, timing or expectations are needed prior to moving forward to the next level.

“A kite needs to be tied down in order to fly. I learned how important restrictions can sometimes be in order to experience freedom.” – Damien Rice, Singer/Songwriter

As such, keep in mind the overriding bigger picture: that is, within this Wood Dragon month itself lies another deep portal of energy that keeps us in perspective of our higher and spiritual self. This is the complementary water portal (to the Grand Centurion Portal) that is linked to the “surface water” of the Water Tiger (Ren Yin) as activated by the monthly Dragon.

Thus, it is by staying anchored to the perspective that whatever reality checks that we are currently encountering have their role to play in realising our higher aspirations that is crucial. This will give us the power to release all that is (still) holding us back, be in acceptance of current reality (that we do not wish to be our future reality) & tap into the inner realms of our minds to draw insight for whatever queries, concerns and fears that we currently have.

This way, we will be able to work with the depths of April’s watery portal to transmute whatever obstacles that we encounter - not just in releasing and letting go of old structures, mindset & perspectives - but importantly, to convert any restrictions through the adjustment & lessons that can propel further growth in the upcoming months.

“Everything co-exists. Chronology is entirely artificial and essentially determined by emotion. Contiguity suggests layers of things, the past and present somehow coalescing or co-existing.” – W.G. Sebald, Author/Academic

March continued the excitement of the 2022 Water Tiger year with THE WEALTH CODE 2022 workshop on Sunday, March 6. As usual, participants learnt more than the worth of their ticket of Chinese Astrology info for personal breakthroughs to enhance their financial growth in the New Normal. This workshop included a special BONUS session: The Millionaire Mindset presented by Jolston Ng (Entrepreneur & Transformational Life Coach).

March was also another hectic month for our founder - Jessie Lee - as she was invited as guest speaker for a couple of events. The 1st was the WEALTH & CAREER CODE for the PRUDENTIAL GROUP on Tuesday, March 15 where Jessie presented the Chinese Astrological insight into how potential recruits can discover their true career potential. This was complemented with the HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE Partner Kick-off event on Wednesday, March 23 where our founder presented the 2022 Water Tiger forecast.

Speaking of corporate events, our main consultants - Kong Eu, Ann Naomi and Emmy Lim were also a big hit at the HENNESSY X.O. Chinese New Year event @ Sentul Depot on March 31/April 1, presenting Bazi and Face/Palm readings around the clock from noon until almost midnight!

One of the key highlights of our annual academic calendar - RISE TO THRIVE 2022 - was held from March 19-21. Participants not only learnt the basics of applying Bazi, Feng Shui & Date Selection to get ahead for any year - but in this 2022 edition, the secrets to fast-forwarding one’s personal alignment and tapping into Feng Shui for Period 9! Additionally, Entrepreneur & Transformational Life Coach Jolston Ng also presented a motivational segment to boost self-empowerment for all participants.

April will be another exciting month of the year especially with the lead-up to a once-in-a-lifetime workshop REBUILDING YOUR $ELF-WORTH & WEALTH HACKING SECRETS OF PERIOD 9 scheduled for April 23-24. Do join us for this workshop to use Bazi and Feng Shui to enhance financial & spiritual growth in the New Normal. Learn never-been-shared-before powerful info and insights on Period 9 energies that will provide you an incredible edge into aligning with early arrival of Period 9.

Here’s to a tremendously empowering Wood Dragon month to you!
Your beacon of Soleil Trinity,

Kong Eu

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