Where Does All Our Money Go (Cantonese Version)







您知道吗?估计超过 80% 的马来西亚人没有足够的储蓄来应付他们退休后的生活。尽管您尽了最大的努力预算,但您是否经常遇到个人财富增长的速度不够快,甚至不增反减的情况?其实,你并不孤单。当然,钱必定有来有去——但究竟去了哪里呢?让我们一同在线上一探究竟。

在短短的两个小时里,我们将与玄学大师 Jessie Lee 进行与金钱有关的重要对话,利用八字的知识来揭示个人在在创造(和保留)财富方面的所面对挑战,以及其克服的实用技巧,还有关于如何开始与物质世界建立健康关系的可行步骤。

财富不仅仅是让我们拥有很多钱,而是为了让我们在生活里拥有更多选择,就让J Group 创始人 Jennifer Yap 支持您的梦想。当天除了让您对自己的个人消费习惯和模式得到重要的见解之外,您还将获得指导和实用的财富管理解决方案,让您在财务可以有持续性的增长与回酬:



Is Your Wealth Growing, Or Going?

Did you know that over 80% of Malaysians are estimated to not have enough savings for their retirement age? Have you been experiencing your personal wealth frequently ‘escaping’ you despite your best efforts to budget? You are not alone. Sure, money comes and goes – but where to, exactly? Join us to find out.

For one-day-only, we’re hosting important money conversations with Metaphysics Master, Jessie Lee, using the deeply revered knowledge of Bazi to uncover your personal challenges when it comes to making (and retaining) wealth, as well as practical tips and actionable steps on how you can start developing a healthy relationship with your material world.

On top of new and valuable insights on your personal spending habits and patterns, you’ll also receive guidance and practical Wealth Management solutions!

It’s time to fast track your money journey towards a more comfortable and secure lifestyle for you and your loved ones today. As the saying goes, “Save your money, and your money will save you.” Let’s get started, shall we?


"Where Does All Our Money Go" (Cantonese Version)

日期 / Date: 4 July 2021
時間 / Time: 2 PM - 4 PM (GMT+8)
地點 / Place: 在線(Zoom)/ Online (Zoom)


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About Jessie Lee

With over 20 years of diverse experience including an 8-year stint as an instructor under Dato’ Joey Yap and the Mastery Academy, Jessie is now an independent household name in Chinese Metaphysics with a string of A-list clientele including high profile entrepreneurs and top management of global brands, celebrities, royalties and politicians from both the local and international scene.

Taking her skills, accuracy and razor-sharp instincts as lead consultant to the international stage, Jessie has also successfully expanded her reach to Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Going beyond her key objectives of impacting lives through Chinese Metaphysics, Jessie is known to push boundaries and affect change through creativity and innovation when it comes to putting Chinese Metaphysics on the map. In October 2013, Jessie secured a spot in The Malaysia Book of Records for the largest ever Tarot Reading participation, and has been steadily expanding her worldwide presence since.

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