The collective programming of our unique personalities & life experiences can aid or likewise, hinder the development of goals and eventual success that we seek. Our mindset, thoughts & behavior could be limiting or even sabotaging the unraveling of our fullest potential.

In this 1-day workshop, take a fresh perspective at your personal Bazi Astrology chart to remove blockages hindering your aspirations and goals, and to manifest the life that you desire. Even better, discover your personal key & unique advantage for speedier manifestation!

Grasp this timely opportunity for personal transformation as the stars alignment during this workshop weekend (and ensuing Solar Eclipse) is incredibly powerful - to discard outdated conditioning & kickstart fresh, new perspectives that lead to success.

For this workshop, through your analysis of your unique Bazi Astrology Chart:

  • Understand your unique positioning in life so as to fully blossom your potential
  • Understand how to smoothen the flow of creation to manifest your goals, dreams & future
  • Reprogram to finally start or get back on track towards the success that you desire 
  • And much more..

As we will be focusing on a transcendental perspective/alternate view on Bazi Astrology technique, this workshop is open for beginners and practitioners alike.

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About Kong Eu

Fully trained in Chinese Metaphysics in subjects like BaZi, Divination and Date Selection, Kong Eu was one of the pioneer batch of consultants / instructors / speakers for Mastery Academy founded by Dato’ Joey Yap & is currently a consultant with Soleil Trinity.

His skills and expertise coupled with his myriad of life & career experiences make Kong Eu the emphatic go-to expert of practical information & useful advice sought during consultations.

Kong Eu's corporate clientele include Mercedes-Benz, Resorts World Singapore & Genting, Affin Hwang Capital, Dell and Nu You magazine - just to name a few; whereas his personal consultations impact the lives of numerous clients across the world, including those in the US, Australia and Singapore.

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