The Enchanting Talking Himalayan Bowls:

Unlock the Enigmatic Sounds of the Spirit World

Why This Could Be For You:

Experience the mystical allure of our personally chosen and brought back antique Talking Bowls from the Himalayas, Nepal. These remarkable singing bowls possess an extraordinary feature that sets them apart—the ability to create enchanting sounds when partially filled with water and gently rocked.

With a delicate strike of the mallet or a skillful play around the rim using a ringer, these Talking Bowls reveal their hidden power. The resulting melodies evoke imagery of creatures of the night, echoing wolves, and resonances from the spirit world.
Immerse yourself in the ethereal realm with our carefully selected collection of Thadobati singing bowls. These exceptional instruments offer a rare opportunity to channel the enigmatic sounds that only a few bowls possess.

Don't miss the chance to own one of these extraordinary Talking Bowls and embark on a transformative sonic journey. Let the vibrations of the spirit world guide you towards a deeper connection with yourself and the universe.

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Comes with one rim mallet (leather stick)


*Every bowl is different from each other


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