Live up to your highest potential by unlocking hidden clues in your personal chart using the ancient art of Chinese Metaphysics

Decoding The Secrets

It is not enough to be in the right place, at the right time. You have to be the right person in the right place, at the right time. This is why understanding yourself at a deeper level using Chinese Metaphysics is key to your highest evolution.

In this exclusive private session, you will have the opportunity to witness the time-tested brilliance of Chinese Astrology (BaZi) as a valuable tool for self-development under the expert guidance of founder, Jessie Lee. To help you prep for greater success in the auspicious Year of the Wood Dragon 2024, Jessie will also be revealing how to decode the most important messages behind your 12 animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac across the four key pillars and eight palaces in your personal chart to unlock a secret shortcut to your true destiny.

Since ancient times, Chinese Astrology has been revered for its highly accurate and prescriptive qualities, not just to help us better understand and accept our present circumstances, but to also illuminate practical solutions for smoother navigation toward a brighter future. With the right knowledge and curated expert tips from this session, you too will be capable of enjoying elevated success, happiness and fulfillment in your career, relationship, health and finances in 2024, and beyond.

What Will You Gain From This Session:

  • An In-depth BaZi Learning Experience. Gain deeper insights into the 12 animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac and learn to decode the secret messages behind the unique placements in your personal chart down to the month, day and hour. Take a deep-dive into analysing the four pillars and eight palaces, understand the impact of auspicious and inauspicious stars and how these key aspects come together to manifest in your career or business, wealth, relationships and health for the year ahead.
  • How to Fully Maximise Your Financial Potential in 2024. Identify where lucrative business or career advancement opportunities lie for you and how to plan strategic steps forward in order to achieve the most rewarding professional outcomes. 
  • Read for Family & Friends. Extend your knowledge to also read charts for your loved ones to see how they too, can harness the potentials of the coming Year of the Wood Dragon for the most rewarding 2024.
  • And much more...

Join us today for your chance to experience a transformative journey of self-discovery through Chinese Metaphysics, and let your highest potential unfold. Successfully decode the secrets behind your chart to start living your true destiny, attract abundance and the right opportunities to you that will uplift your career, finances, health, relationships and more in 2024.


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About Jessie Lee

With over 20 years of diverse experience, Jessie is an independent household name in Chinese Metaphysics with a string of A-list clientele including high profile entrepreneurs and top management of global brands, celebrities, royalties and politicians from both the local and international scene.

Taking her skills, accuracy and razor-sharp instincts as lead consultant to the international stage, Jessie has also successfully expanded her reach to Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Going beyond her key objectives of impacting lives through Chinese Metaphysics, Jessie is known to push boundaries and affect change through creativity and innovation when it comes to putting Chinese Metaphysics on the map. In October 2013, Jessie secured a spot in The Malaysia Book of Records for the largest ever Tarot Reading participation, and has been steadily expanding her worldwide presence since.

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